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Cute Heroines and monsters - Fate Testarossa Nendoroid, Kara no Kyokai Azaka, Sheryl Nome bikini ver., Revoltech Alien + Daimajin, Chibi Goku + Vegeta, giant Hello Kitty plushes & more!

Fate Testarossa is ready to engage in some chibi action. Crafted according to her revised image in the Nanoha movie, she comes with an array of gadgets and new garments. She is wearing a new barrier jacket that offers her more protection and is holding her magical device Baldish, which can switch from scythe form to axe form.

The package comes with numerous hand parts, so you can put Fate in all sorts of battle poses. The face parts maintain her coolness, the three parts are: poker face, closed eyes concentration and battle cry. The struggles in the Nanoha world must be really fierce in the movie.

To give her even more power, her summon beast Alfin the dog is with her, put him beside her in your display case.

Nendoroid No. 099 Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha The Movie 1st: Fate TestarossaJPN N/A sold

Kokuto Azaka the fire master is one of the heroines in the 6th Kara no Kyoukai movie. As a sorceress's apprentice, she comes with a glove that helps her control her fire magic and her fire ball. Although not quite as lethal as the seemingly cold blooded Ryougi Shiki, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Sporting an elegant smile and a dynamic pose, she is the perfect image of a top student in an elite girls' school. Complimenting the dark tones of the movie, Azaka is dressed in dark clothes, however, her fresh prettiness can light up your collection like nothing can.

Kokuto Azaka has arrived, take the fire master home:

Kara no Kyokai 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Kokuto Azaka (Movie Edition)JPN N/A sold

Sheryl Nome the galactic fairy is showing you the full scale of her glamour. The revealing bikini is one of the clothes she switches into briefly between costumes, and you can see how bold the girl is. Those little strips of fabric showed a healthy amount of tanned skin and her full body shape.

But what has Sheryl got to hide? She knew she is so perfect that she'd become the center of attention just by being herself. Let your display case be her stage, with her sun glasses in her hand, she shows that she is a true star.

Macross Frontier Non Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Sheryl NomeJPN N/A sold

The aliens dwell in the dark depths of the galaxy come back. Both terrible and very well loved, this classic creature will once again be featured as an action figure. With 13 joints throughout his body, including one in his tail, and an inner mouth, he can use all sharp points on his body. Let him terrorize your toy collection.

Daimajin looked as if he was an antique statue just dug out from an archaeological site. Although he spots a calm, relaxed mask usually, he could change into a green face demon in a blink of an eye. The package comes with two face masks, sword, sheath and picket, put these in his hand and pit him against your alien.

Two horror inducing characters are available today, come grab them.

SCI-FI Revoltech Series No.001 Alien Pre-Painted Figure: Alien (Re-Run)JPN N/A sold
SCI-FI Revoltech Series No.002 Daimajin Pre-Painted Figure: Daimajin (Re-run)JPN N/A sold

Starting out as enemies and ending up as teammates, Goku and Vegeta are here as super deformed figures. Although their bodies are tiny and their limbs are short, there is energy to these figures. Both fighters are on standby, waiting for their duel to begin and each have something powerful up his sleeve.

Cutely made, but with serious expressions, the two Dragon Ball Kai figures are waiting for you to take them home. Part of the Super DX collection from Banpresto, Goku and Vegeta will become the stars in your collection.

Dragon Ball Kai Pre-Painted Figure: Son Gokou Version 2JPN N/A sold
Dragon Ball Kai Pre-Painted Figure: Vegeta Version 2JPN N/A sold

Also available today:

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