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Daily Sale Alert: Recently Discounted - June 16th!

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (US, PS3) takes the crown today! :) 
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The Top 8 (Ranked By Views) - No. 1: Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (US, PS3)

Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (US, PS3)US$ 19.991-2w
Mega Man Anniversary Collection (US, PS2)US$ 14.9924h
Destiny (US, PS4)US$ 24.991w
Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked (US, 3DS)US$ 29.9924h

Kingdom Hearts 3D: Dream Drop Distance (US, 3DS)US$ 29.9924h
Hyperdimension Neptunia PP (US, PS Vita)sold
Call of Duty: Ghosts (US, XONE)sold
Ultra Street Fighter IV (US, X360)sold

Air Conflicts: Vietnam Ultimate Edition (US, PS4)US$ 22.991-5d
DualShock 4 (Magma Red) (ASIA, PS4)sold

Darksiders (Greatest Hits) (US, PS3)US$ 18.8924h
Payday 2 (US, PS3)sold
Hitman: Absolution (US, PS3)US$ 19.9924h
Aliens: Colonial Marines (US, PS3)US$ 12.991-5d

God of War: Ascension (US, PS3)US$ 22.991-5d
Just Cause 2 (US, PS3)sold
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Greatest Hits) (US, PS3)US$ 24.991-5d
Need for Speed: Rivals - Complete Edition (US, PS3)sold

Time and Eternity (Europe, PS3)US$ 27.992-4w
Ridge Racer 7 (US, PS3)US$ 22.991-2w
Devil May Cry HD Collection (US, PS3)US$ 19.9924h

Madden NFL 2015 (US, X360)US$ 14.9924h
Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist (US, X360)sold
Far Cry Compilation (US, X360)US$ 24.991w
Saints Row: The Third (The Full Package) (US, X360)sold

Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 (US, X360)sold
Left 4 Dead 2 (Platinum Hits) (US, X360)sold
Dead Island (Game of the Year Edition) (Platinum Hits) (US, X360)US$ 24.991-2w
Assassin's Creed Ezio Trilogy (US, X360)US$ 24.9924h

Raiden: Fighters Aces (US, X360)sold
Max Shooter Pro (X360)US$ 44.901w

Sonic Classic Collection
Ben 10: Omniverse (US, 3DS)US$ 19.991-2w
Project X Zone (US, 3DS)sold

LEGO Harry Potter: Years 1-4 (US, PSP)US$ 17.991-2w

Cat Girl Alliance (US, PC)US$ 29.992-4w
Let's Meow Meow! (US, PC)sold
Absolute Obedience / Enzai (2-in-1) (US, PC)US$ 22.995-15d
Do You Like Horny Bunnies? 2 (US, PC)sold

Injustice: Gods Among Us (US, Wii U)US$ 24.991-5d
ZombiU (US, Wii U)US$ 24.9948h
Need for Speed: Most Wanted - A Criterion Game (US, Wii U)US$ 29.991-2w

Mass Effect 3: Special Edition (US, Wii U)US$ 17.991-2w
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge (US, Wii U)sold
Batman: Arkham City - Armored Edition (US, Wii U)sold

Cars: Mater-National (US, PS2)US$ 42.991-2w
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 4 (US, PS2)US$ 17.9924h
Street Fighter Alpha Anthology (US, PS2)US$ 12.9924h

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