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Daily Sale Alert: Recently Discounted - October 3rd!

The Top 8 (Ranked By Views) No. 1: Hori Tactical Assault Commander for Playstation 4 (JPN, PS3™, PS4™)

Hori Tactical Assault Commander for Playstation 4 (JPN, PS3™, PS4™) sold
Owari No Seraph Unmei no Hajimari (JPN, PS Vita)US$ 57.99 1w
Sekaiju no Meikyuu V Nagaki Shinwa no Hate (JPN, 3DS)US$ 39.99 24h
Super Robot Wars OG: The Moon Dwellers (JPN, PS3™)US$ 36.99 24h

Monster Hunter X Accessory Kit for New 3DS LL (JPN)US$ 44.99 1w
Ninokuni: Shikkoku no Madoushi (JPN, NDS™)US$ 32.99 24h
Uncharted: The Nathan Drake Collection (Chinese & English Sub) (ASIA, PS4™)US$ 28.99 24h
Soni Pro (JPN, 3DS)US$ 24.99 24h

MLB The Show 16 (US, PS4™)US$ 42.99 1w
Sengoku Musou 4-II (Chinese Sub) (ASIA, PS4™)US$ 39.99 24h

Disgaea D2: A Brighter Darkness (Traditional Chinese) (ASIA, PS3™) sold
Drag-On Dragoon 3 (JPN, PS3™)US$ 29.99 24h
God of War Collection (ASIA, PS3™)US$ 12.99 24h
Hakuoki: Stories of the Shinsengumi (US, PS3™) sold

Kamen Rider Battride War (JPN, PS3™)US$ 34.99 1w
Psychobreak (JPN, PS3™)US$ 23.99 24h
Short Peace: Tsukigime Ranko no Ichiban Nagai Hi (ASIA, PS3™)US$ 19.99 24h
Yorunonaikuni (JPN, PS3™)US$ 34.99 1w

Dark Souls III (English & Chinese Subs) (ASIA, XONE™) sold

Airship Q (Japanese) (ASIA, PS Vita) sold
Exist Archive: The Other Side of the Sky (JPN, PS Vita)US$ 19.99 1-5d
Kiniro no Corda 4 (Chinese Subs) (ASIA, PS Vita) sold
Love Live! School Idol Paradise Vol.2 BiBi (JPN, PS Vita)US$ 39.99 1w

PlayStation Vita Memory Card (8GB) (JPN, PS Vita)US$ 22.99 24h
Silicon Protector for PS Vita PCH-2000 (White) (JPN, PS Vita Slim)US$ 14.99 24h
Tough Pouch for Playstation Vita (JPN, PS Vita, PS Vita Slim)US$ 13.99 24h

7th Dragon III code:VFD (JPN, 3DS) sold
Dragon Quest VIII: Sora to Umi to Daichi to Norowareshi Himegimi (JPN, 3DS)US$ 59.99 24h
Guild 01 (JPN, 3DS)US$ 9.99 24h
Gyakuten Saiban 6 Card Case 12 for 3DS (JPN, 3DS)US$ 14.99 1w

Katachi Shin Hakken! Rittai Picross 2 (JPN, 3DS)US$ 19.99 1-5d
New Nintendo 3DS Cover Plates No.012 (Felt) (JPN) sold
Nintendo 3DS Expansion Slide Pad (JPN, 3DS)US$ 19.99 1-5d
Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (US, 3DS) sold

Project X Zone 2 Brave New World (JPN, 3DS)US$ 34.99 24h
Sayonara Umihara Kawase (JPN, 3DS)US$ 14.99 24h
Youkai Watch 2 Shinuchi (JPN, 3DS)US$ 44.99 1w

Genei Ibunroku#FE (JPN, Wii U™)US$ 34.99 1-5d

Digimon Adventure (JPN, PSP™)US$ 34.99 1w
Time Travelers (JPN, PSP™)US$ 5.99 24h

8Bitdo Retro Cube Speaker US$ 21.99 24h
Target Box (PS2™, PC, PS3™)US$ 44.99 24h

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