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Daily Sale: Recently Discounted - June 30th

J-Stars Victory Vs+ (Europe, PS Vita) is at the top of the list today! Fighting stars! 
Find the yesterday's list of recent discounts: HERE

The Top 8 (Ranked By Views) - No. 1: J-Stars Victory Vs+ (Europe, PS Vita)

J-Stars Victory Vs+ (Europe, PS Vita)sold
Steins;Gate (Europe, PS Vita)sold
BlazBlue: Chrono Phantasma Extend (US, PS4)US$ 29.991-5d
Castlevania: Order of Ecclesia (US, NDS)sold

Mother - Preceding Title of [Earth Bound] (JPN)US$ 26.9924h
Nintendo Wii U Super Mario 3D World Deluxe Set (Black) (US)sold
Tomb Raider Definitive Edition (Europe, PS4)US$ 29.995-15d
Spice [Limited Edition] (JPN)sold

DmC: Devil May Cry Definitive Edition (Europe, PS4)US$ 15.9924h
Bladestorm: Nightmare (Europe, PS4)US$ 19.9924h
Alien: Isolation (Europe, PS4)US$ 35.992-4w
Grand Theft Auto V (Chinese Sub) (ASIA, PS4)sold

Flockers (Europe, XONE)sold
Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare (Europe, XONE)sold
Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate (Europe, XONE)US$ 29.992-4w
Murdered: Soul Suspect (Europe, XONE)US$ 15.5924h

Lovely x Cation 1&2 (JPN, PS Vita)sold
Grisaia no Rakuen: Le Eden De La Grisaia (JPN, PS Vita)US$ 49.991w
Football Manager Classic 2014 (Europe, PS Vita)sold
Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Battle Destiny (Playstation Vita the Best) (JPN, PS Vita)US$ 29.991-5d

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (US, NDS)US$ 22.9924h
Inazuma Eleven 2: Firestorm (Europe, NDS)sold
Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective (US, NDS)US$ 29.9924h
Harvest Moon DS: Grand Bazaar (US, NDS)US$ 31.9924h

Inazuma Eleven 2: Blizzard (Europe, NDS)sold
Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin (US, NDS)US$ 39.9924h
Harvest Moon DS (US, NDS)US$ 32.9924h
Kid Icarus: Uprising (Europe, 3DS)US$ 39.992-4w

Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask (Europe, 3DS)sold
Nintendogs + Cats: French Bulldog & New Friends (US, 3DS)sold
Mario Kart 7 (US, 3DS)US$ 34.991-5d
Ace Combat: Assault Horizon Legacy (US, 3DS)US$ 29.991-2w

Bravely Default: For the Sequel [Ultimate Hits] (JPN, 3DS)US$ 29.991w
New Nintendo 3DS XL (Metallic Black) (Europe)sold

Remember Me (Europe, PS3)US$ 14.9924h
Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen (US, PS3)US$ 34.991-2w
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn (Europe, PS3)sold
JoJo's Bizarre Adventure All-Star Battle (Europe, PS3)sold

Heavy Fire: Afghanistan - The Chosen Few (US, PS3)US$ 23.991-2w
Batman: Arkham Origins (US, PS3)US$ 24.991-5d
Devil May Cry HD Collection (US, PS3)US$ 19.9924h
Resonance of Fate (Europe, PS3)sold

Virtua Tennis 4 (US, PS3)sold
Soul Calibur IV (Greatest Hits) (US, PS3)US$ 25.991-2w
Fighting Edition: Tekken 6 / Tekken Tag Tournament 2 / SoulCalibur V (Europe, PS3)sold
LEGO Marvel Super Heroes (Greatest Hits) (US, PS3)US$ 24.991-5d

Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge (Europe, PS3)sold
Pro Yakyuu Spirits 2015 (JPN, PS3)US$ 74.991w
Silent Hill HD Collection
(US, PS3)
MotoGP 14 (US, PS3)US$ 24.991w

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (Europe, PS3)sold
WRC 4: FIA World Rally Championship (US, PS3)US$ 33.991w
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (US, PS3)US$ 24.9924h
Motorcycle Club (US, PS3)US$ 19.9824h

Mobile Suit Gundam UC (ASIA, PS3)sold
Asura's Wrath (Europe, PS3)US$ 15.9924h
FolksSoul: Ushinawareta Denshou / Folklore (PlayStation3 the Best) (ASIA, PS3)sold
BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger (US, PS3)US$ 22.991-2w

Kingdom Hearts HD 1.5 ReMIX (Essentials) (Europe, PS3)US$ 19.992-4w
Thief (Europe, PS3)sold

Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Blacklist (US, X360)sold
Red Dead Redemption (Platinum Hits) (US, X360)US$ 22.991-2w
Batman: Arkham Origins (Europe, X360)sold
Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge (US, X360)US$ 44.9924h

Grand Theft Auto V (US, X360)sold
Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen (US, X360)sold
Batman: Arkham Origins (US, X360)US$ 22.991-5d
Bioshock 2 (ASIA, X360)sold

Call of Duty: Black Ops (Limited Edition) (US, X360)US$ 26.9924h
Call of Duty: World at War (Platinum Hits) (US, X360)US$ 24.9924h
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2 (US, X360)US$ 19.991w
Xbox 360 Elite Slim Console (250GB) Bundle incl. Street Fighter 4 & Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit (ASIA)sold

Bayonetta 2 (Special Edition) (Europe, Wii U)sold
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD (Europe, Wii U)sold
LEGO Batman 2: DC Super Heroes (US, Wii U)US$ 24.991-5d
Darksiders II (US, Wii U)US$ 36.991-2w

Famicom Remix 1+2 (JPN, Wii U)US$ 44.991w
Super Paper Mario (Nintendo Selects) (Europe, Wii)US$ 29.992-4w
Okami (US, Wii)US$ 24.9924h
Pikmin 2 (Wii de Asobu) (JPN, Wii)US$ 49.991w

Football Manager Handheld 2013 (Europe, PSP)sold

Grand Theft Auto V (DVD-ROM) (Europe, PC)sold

Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifer's Call (Europe, PS2)sold
Mega Man Anniversary Collection (US, PS2)US$ 14.9924h
Resident Evil 4 (Greatest Hits) (US, PS2)US$ 17.991-2w

Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 FES (US, PS2)US$ 24.991-2w
Manhunt 2 (US, PS2)US$ 34.991-2w

Girls' Generation The Best Live At Tokyo Dome (JPN)US$ 62.991w
Mobile Suit Gundam: The Origin Vol.1 (JPN)US$ 66.991w
A Realm Reborn: Final Fantasy XIV Original Soundtrack [Blu-ray Disc] (JPN)US$ 44.991w
Persona 3 The Movie #1 Spring Of Birth [Blu-ray+CD Limited Edition] (JPN)US$ 79.995-15d

Persona 3 FES Original Soundtrack (JPN)US$ 21.9924h
Dead Stock [CD+DVD Limited Edition Type A] (JPN)sold
Final Fantasy XII Original Soundtrack (JPN)US$ 35.9924h
Nier Gestalt & Replicant / 15 Nightmares & Arrange Tracks (JPN)US$ 24.9924h

Final Fantasy Battle Arrange - The Black Mages (JPN)US$ 32.995-15d
Final Fantasy XIII-2 Original Soundtrack [4CD] (JPN)US$ 44.991w
Final Fantasy Type-0 / Zero Shiki Original Soundtrack [3CD] (JPN)US$ 39.995-15d
Final Fantasy IX Original Soundtrack Plus (JPN)US$ 23.995-15d

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