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Daily Sale: Recently Discounted - November 16th!

Fire Emblem if [Special Edition] (JPN, 3DS) is the No.1 today! A special bundle for special Fire Emblem fans!
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Daily Deal (@ 10:00 PM HKT)-->Dark Souls II: Scholar of the First Sin (US)

The Top 8 (Ranked By Views) - No. 1:Fire Emblem if [Special Edition] (JPN, 3DS)

Fire Emblem if [Special Edition] (JPN, 3DS)sold
New Nintendo 3DS (Black) (JPN)US$ 219.991w
Yume Miru Kusuri: A Drug That Makes You Dream (US, PC)sold
Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus (Let’s Get Physical Edition) (US, PS Vita)sold

ICO and Shadow of the Colossus Collection (US, PS3™)US$ 24.991-5d
Caladrius Blaze (JPN, PS3™)US$ 79.991w
To Love Ru Darkness: Battle Ecstasy (JPN, PS Vita)US$ 49.9924h
New Love Plus + (JPN, 3DS)US$ 69.992-4d

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare (US, PS4™)US$ 27.991w
DualShock 4 Charging Station (JPN, PS4™)US$ 27.9924h
DualShock 4 Charging Station (Black) (ASIA, PS4™)sold
LEGO Dimensions (Starter Pack) (Europe, PS4™)US$ 79.9924h

PlayStation 4 HDD Bay Cover Toro with Friends Circle (Black) (JPN, PS4™)US$ 64.991w
Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (US, PS4™)US$ 23.6924h
Ryu ga Gotoku Zero: Chikai no Basho (Japanese) (ASIA, PS4™)US$ 42.9924h
Stick it to the Man! (Europe, PS4™)US$ 19.992-4w

Wolfenstein: The Old Blood (US, PS4™)sold
Worms Battlegrounds (Europe, PS4™)US$ 24.992-4w

Pro Evolution Soccer 2015 (US, XONE™)US$ 14.9924h

Eiyuu Densetsu: Sen no Kiseki (Chinese Sub) (ASIA, PS Vita)sold
Hanayamata Yosakoi Live! (JPN, PS Vita)US$ 34.991-5d
New Little King's Story (Europe, PS Vita)sold

Senran Kagura Shinovi Versus -Shoujotachi no Shoumei- [Regular Edition] (JPN, PS Vita)sold
Teikoku Kaigun Koi Bojou Meiji Yokosuka Koushinkyoku (JPN, PS Vita)US$ 24.991w
The Sly Cooper Collection (US, PS Vita)US$ 29.9924h

Pokemon Heart Gold (JPN, NDS™)sold
Pokemon White
Retro Face Case for 3DS LL (JPN)sold

Slim Hard Pouch for New 3DS (Blue) (JPN)US$ 18.991w
TPU Cover for New 3DS LL (JPN)US$ 16.991w

Darksiders II (US, X360)US$ 19.991-2w
Left 4 Dead 2 (Platinum Hits) (US, X360)sold
Metal Gear Solid HD Collection (Europe, X360)sold

Atelier Rorona Plus: The Alchemist of Arland (Europe, PS3™)US$ 19.995-15d
Batman: Arkham City (Game of the Year Edition) (Europe, PS3™)sold
Catherine (JPN, PS3™)US$ 49.991w
Dynasty Warriors: Gundam Reborn (Europe, PS3™)sold

Fighting Edition: Tekken 6 / Tekken Tag Tournament 2 / SoulCalibur V (Europe, PS3™)sold
How to Train Your Dragon 2 (Europe, PS3™)US$ 19.995-15d
Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga nai: Happy End (JPN, PS3™)US$ 27.991-5d
Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga nai: Happy End [HD Complete Box] (JPN, PS3™)US$ 49.991w

Strider Hiryu (JPN, PS3™)sold
Tales of Zestiria Controller for Playstation 3 (JPN, PS3™)sold
The Castlevania: Lords of Shadow Collection (US, PS3™)US$ 24.991w
Toro! Let's Party! (Chinese + English Version) (PS3 Ultra Pop) (ASIA, PS3™)sold

Uncharted: Drake's Fortune (PlayStation3 the Best) (ASIA, PS3™)US$ 19.9924h

Batman: Arkham Origins (Europe, Wii U™)sold
Call of Duty: Black Ops II (US, Wii U™)sold

Digimon Adventure (JPN, PSP™)US$ 34.991w
SD Gundam G Generation Overworld (JPN, PSP™)US$ 39.9924h
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable (Europe, PSP™)sold

Amorous Professor Cherry (US, PC)sold
Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories (Greatest Hits) (US, PS2™)US$ 22.991-2w
Mega Man Anniversary Collection (US, PS2™)US$ 14.9924h

Mega Man X Collection (US, PS2™)US$ 19.9924h
Super Robot Taisen OG: Original Generations (JPN, PS2™)US$ 69.991w

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