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Dawn of the Felines

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三個應召女郎徘徊在池袋街頭,每晚為不同顧客提供 服務。然而下班後,她們只是網吧難民、單親媽媽、 不育女人,各有各的難言之苦。為紀念日活羅曼情色 電影45週年,《凶惡》導演白石和彌向當年同名電影 致敬,以都市的冷漠疏離作襯托,展示現代女性堅強 求生的面貌。昔日羅曼電影的女主角白川和子更出山 客串,飾演SM俱樂部的媽媽生。本片為鹿特丹國際電 影節參展作品。

A story of three escort girls living under the sky in Ikebukuro, Tokyo. They work at same escort service while feeling lonely in their urban life. Masako is a heavy debtor. Takada, her important customer, is out of employment and socially withdrawn. Rie, a housewife, handles an old widower Kaneda. Yui is a single mom with two kids, but she’s into a young guy and comes to neglect her children. Enormously negative emotions such as dislike, hate and quarrel swirl, while women find paradox love and vitality essential to life by heading to anywhere but here. Shiraishi Kazuya joins Roman Porno Reboot project with a documentary-like film, satirizing women in poverty, which is currently a social problem in Japan. Official selection of International Film Festival Rotterdam.

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