DC-3 - Legends of Flight (DVD-ROM)

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Version: Europe
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DC-3 - Legends of Flight (DVD-ROM)
DC-3 - Legends of Flight (DVD-ROM)
DC-3 - Legends of Flight (DVD-ROM)
DC-3 - Legends of Flight (DVD-ROM)
DC-3 - Legends of Flight (DVD-ROM)

Product Features

  • Fully detailed Pratt & Whitney and Wright Cyclone radial engines with detailed ignition systems, pushrods etc.
  • Animations include doors, access panels, correct cowl flap operation (rubber spacers between vanes) and many more
  • Reflective, bump and specular effects for realistic metal, fabric and riveted surfaces
  • High quality sound set
  • Superb detail throughout - undercarriage detail, 'block' tread on tyres, mini-guns in the AC-47 gunships
  • Custom flight dynamics
  • Comprehensive manual
  • Layered paint kit for the DC-3 and C-47
  • Special effects including engine start-up smoke and exhaust flames
  • Checklists and Reference files

Item Description

This fantastic package features the Douglas DC-3 in seven classic airline liveries, two USAAF C-47 transports and an RAF Dakota. Also included are the AC-47 gunship and a fully flyable Waco CG-4A glider! The aircraft exteriors and virtual cockpits are all modelled to the highest level of detail, and the civilian passenger cabins and military cargo holds are complete with appropriate animations.

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