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Deadly cuteness - Higurashi no naku koro ni FES: Furuta Rika + Hanyuu plush, Takano Miyo, Higurashi SD gashapon, Gundam Knight, Goblin, Silfa

Cute, intriguing and bloody, Higurashi ni naku koro started as a fan made mystery/adventure game and now became a popular franchise. The cute girls, with their individual quirks and their spooky sides, have wormed their way into anime-watchers and gamers hearts. Let's see who we are going to meet today.

The Higurashi Kai chapter centers around the miko characters Furute Rika and her cousin Hanyuu. Although Hanyuu was hidden for most of the series, her link to Rika and her perspective on the tragic deaths and disappearances of the Hinamizawa village drive the drive the arc forward.

Both of the girls have scary dark sides, but for this pair of plushes, they hide this aspect of their personality and maxed out their kittenish and cuddly cuteness. It's hard to tell the two apart, but look carefully, there are horns on Hanyuu's head and the smile on Rika is a little more secretive than usual.

Deadly cute, the two violet haired girls are available for:

Higurashi Daybreak Plush Doll: Furute RikaJPN N/A sold
Higurashi Daybreak Plush Doll: HanyuuJPN N/A sold

The cast of cute teenage girls of course makes up the heart of the story, but never overlook the adult women, especially Takano Miyo, the toxic syringe toting, occult loving and somewhat blood thirsty nurse. The figure brings out her glamor and her voluptuous body lines. There is no escape once you fall to her charms.

The dangerous, mysterious beauty - Takano Mio is here to meet you, come, all those who are not afraid:

Higurashi When They Cry Non Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Miyo TakanoJPN N/A sold

The chibi Higurashi girls gashapons were a real hit last time, so Rena, Mion and gang go back to the Takara Tomi studios to have more chibi gashapons done. Instead of the angel and demon faces, they are giving you a glimpse of their comedic sides, teary, clumsy, even somewhat eerie, these girls are going to play war in your house:

Higurashi Daybreak Portable Mega 1.5 Pre-Painted GashaponJPN N/A sold

Gundam and Goblin get all medieval, with sword and shield in hand, the gallant white Gundam knight goes off on his quest. Painted in shiny silver and sculpted to the last detail, the breast plates, shoulder guards, even the nuts and bolts that are on the mobile suit are carved on this figure. Come take the materialization of justice home.

With the hero, of course, there needs to be the an evil character. The goblin represents the violent, destructive berserker. To set off the pristine white of the Gundam the goblin is mossy green, sharp teethed and carry a rustic axe made of rocks. Bulky and heavy, this is a troublesome foe but useful foil for the Gundam.

The Hero and the monster duo is available today:

Gundam Series DX Heroes & Monsters Pre-Painted Figure: Knight GundamJPN N/A sold
Gundam Series DX Heroes & Monsters Pre-Painted Figure: Goblin ZakuJPN N/A sold

Silfa the robotic maid is one of the newer, and lesser known girls in To Heart 2. As a maid, her house keeping abilities aren't all that good, and as a robot, she is even more emotional than humans.

But then, these are her charms, smiling disarmingly at you and lifting her skirt in a clumsy curtsy, she shows you that she is very worth keeping.

Come get your maid, for admiring purposes only, don't expect her to clean house.

To Heart 2 Another Days 1/8 PVC Pre-Painted Figure Silfa (Clayz Version)JPN N/A sold


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