Delicious In Dungeon TV Anime Guidebook

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To commemorate the start of TV anime broadcasting of "Dungeon Meshi", which has sold over 10 million copies in the series, an anime guidebook will be released!
Interviews with cast members such as Kentaro Kumagai, Ayaka Senbongi, Asuna Tomari, and Hiroshi Naka, as well as staff members such as director Yoshihiro Miyajima, character designer Naoki Takeda, and series composer Kimiko Ueno, as well as anime story and character introductions. Delivered with plenty of volume!
Includes a Japanese dungeon spot where you can enjoy an adventurous feeling, a number of rare yet delicious gourmet foods that seem to appear in "Dungeon Meshi," and recipes to recreate Dungeon Meals that you can try at home! The cover is drawn by Studio Trigger!
Enjoy the world of Dungeon Food to the fullest while watching the TV anime broadcast!


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