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Digimon Adventure Digivice 15th Anniversary Ver. Anime Original Color

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Digimon Adventure Digivice 15th Anniversary Ver. Anime Original Color
Digimon Adventure Digivice 15th Anniversary Ver. Anime Original Color
Digimon Adventure Digivice 15th Anniversary Ver. Anime Original Color
Digimon Adventure Digivice 15th Anniversary Ver. Anime Original Color


  • Body size: approx. W57mm × H65mm × D36mm
  • Uses 1 coin battery (CR2032).
  • Limited availability



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This summer your own digital adventure begins!
I ordered this digivice, and the Complete Selection Animation digivice too. But, to talk about this digivice... I'm more than just happy that I bought it. I bought one for myself, and one for my sister.
First, it really looks like the digivices in the Digimon Adventure. Actually it is very identical and loyal what we see in the anime. The covering, blue plastic is transparent, and the buttons are soft, made from silicon. Also, you can press the buttons pretty firmly, it might not respond if you just gently tap it. There's also a reset-button on the backside, so if you want to start your adventure once again from a clean table you can do that! Of course, this will wipe your previous data.
The UI is pretty simple. Or, can we even call it UI? Oh well. The big button on the left is the clock, and you also browse through the starter digimons and menu with it. The top button on the right is confirm-button, and the bottom right is cancel/back-button. With the bottom right button you can also check how many steps you need before the next battle and how many you have already walked.
In Menu we have four different things: Stats, Friend Battle, Map and Healing Station. In Stats, you can, of course, see your stats. DP(I'm not really sure what this stands for, but I guess that it is Digi Points? Maybe we need those for evolving? Dunno.), HP, how many times you've won and how strong is your attack. The next window is the Friend Battle. This is basically a way to interact and play with your IRL friend(s), if they have this digivice as well. Then we have Map. Well, you can see from Map what kind of area you're in, and the spot where you are at the moment. Then Healing Station. Well, there you go to heal your digimon, of course.
There is a guide book with the digivice in the box, but, of course, it is fully in Japanese. But, it is well illustrated, so it is not so hard to understand. Thought, knowing few kanjis won't hurt when flipping through it.
You get to select your partner from the first 7 digimon partners we see in the first anime. This means you can choose either Agumon, Gabumon, Piyomon, Palmon, Tentomon, Gomamon or Patamon. So, Tailmon/Gatomon or Huckmon are not selectable partners, even thought they are basically listed as ones. But maybe I get them by encountering them? Who knows, you just need to find it out yourself.
The only con about this is, the price. But, I can forgive it because this is pretty much as close as you can get to a 'real' digivice and digiworld. Also it works as very accurate cosplay prop too, heh.

I'm already 20 years old, and finally I get to feel what it is to be a 'real' DigiDestined.
The adventure evolves once again.
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For all the non japanese-speaking people out there: This Digivice is a game. It's not a Tamagochi. First you choose one Digimon. You have to walk around with the device in order to "play". You always have a number of steps left which you can check for the big boss fight. But in that time you can encouter friends and fiends. If you help out a friend you will have it afterwards and can fight/walk around with this new Digimon. The Digimons don't need food or anything. The only thing is that if you fail to fight in a battle you have to heal it afterwards. The Digimon will sleep from 9 pm till 8 am (if you press the left button "up" you can also always check the time (so it is also a watch!) of course you can change the time at any moment). You have a sound that indicates a battle but you can turn it off.
I have never owned a Digivice before but I am really happy with this version. It really looks like the first Digivices and it looks really cool if you walk around with it as if you were a real DigiDestined =)
The only con I have is the price. As supplies are limited the price is getting higher and higher which is now compared to the initial price more than double.
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