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Disgaea 5: new characters, new classes, and new battle systems!

What we have is real and genuine excitement for the next installment of Disgaea - with the screenshots alone, and the possibility of all the minute details made possible on the PS4, Disgaea 5 looks to be the most robust Disgaea yet!


PlayStation®4 [Turn Based Strategy RPG]

Release: March 26, 2015

Details have been pouring in as we learn more about Disgaea 5's brand new story, characters and design, as well as new gameplay mechanics including the "Revenge System," "Squad System,"

Story-wise, the premise is based on numerous demonlords banding together to exact their revenge against an entity known as Void Dark, "the strongest, most evil demon emperor" according to Famitsu. With his army The Lost, this million strong army devastates several Netherworlds, thusly sparking the ire of the Overlords, who overcome their mutual differences to fight back. Of course, this is Disgaea after all, so players can expect a lot of humor and memorable moments as the characters develop with the story.

New characters have been introduced, and each are extremely powerful overlords sure to do crazy amounts of damage common to the style of Disgaea. Killia is the Anithero MC (with the trademark flowing scarf), Seraphine is the Overlord from the Gorgeous Netherworld with the proportions to match, and Usaria, the heiress apparent to the Rabbit Underworld who demands curry to keep her insanity at bay; Usaria also has a giant yellow Prinny who she rides on and fights with! Other characters recently revealed are Christo, a talented tactician and staff officer who's primary concern is victory and Zeroken, a small demon lord with a bit of an ego and plans to single-handedly take out the Lost army.

Much like past Disgaea games you'll be able to recruit different unit classes in your battles against the Lost. The units confirmed so far are: Dark Knights, Maids, Fairies, Soldiers, Magicians, Priests and Priestesses, Archers, Pirates, Nine Tails, Phantoms, Teensy Devils, Wicked Bears, Sages, Wrestlers, Hares, Dragon Pairs, and Riders.

Each class comes with their own unique ability, and example of this is the Maid's ability 'Effective Work' that allows players to use an additional item once per turn and the Phantom's 'Evil Eye' which debuffs 5% of any enemy's stats.

Limited Edition First Print Version Contains:
  • "Usaria & Yelow Prinny" Niitengo 
  • a Hardcover art book 
  • a Two-disc original soundtrack CD 
  • a Collector's special box

Famitsu DX Pack Contains (including all above items):

  • a Wall Scroll (A2)
  • a Clear Poster (A3)
  • a Prinny Mug Cup
  • a Character Pouch

With gameplay changes, one of the more noticeable differences, especially for Disgaea fans, is that more information is now displayed in battle when highlighting a character. Details such as afflictions, damage resistant statistics, and a whole slew of new variables makes for a much less cluttered experience. 

The new "Revenge System" is triggered on the death of an ally, or by taking a certain damage threshold - characters become enraged and "REVENGE!" is displayed wherein characters gain stat boosts. Killia and his friends are not the only characters that can trigger Revenge though! Enemies on the battlefield can make use of this new ability as well, so you'll have to watch out for your early burst combos!

One of the biggest information drops yet has been the introduction of the "Squad System". The system allows players to assign specific characters as leaders, turning their subordinates into an entirely different squad type which will bestow the group with various perks. Examples of these in action are the "Rookie Squad" which provides higher experience gains, and the "Flat Squad," which humorously improves the stats of the less endowed female characters.

But wait, there's more! Squads can level up by capturing enemies, which can be done during battle as well as immediately after as a reward. Captured enemies can join the ranks of your squad, increasing the level and power. Leveling up will unlock a plethora of perks, like shared experience and expanded rosters, for your Squad.

Another of the many benefits to having a squad are the Squad Skills you can execute on the battlefield. Squad Skills allow your entire squad to attack in unison which will attack each individual on the enemy squad. This is nice quality of life change as you will no longer need to individually queue up basic attacks.

Pre-orders include a "Bunny Girl" downloadable costume for Seraphine.

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