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Dragon's CrownDragon's Crown
Compatible with PlayStation 3™ (PS3™)
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Dragon's Crown (Comes with Limited Bonus Artworks)

Compatible with PlayStation 3™ (PS3™)
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Dragon's Crown (Comes with Limited Bonus Artworks)
Dragon's Crown (Comes with Limited Bonus Artworks)
Dragon's Crown (Comes with Limited Bonus Artworks)
Dragon's Crown (Comes with Limited Bonus Artworks)
Dragon's Crown (Comes with Limited Bonus Artworks)
Dragon's Crown (Comes with Limited Bonus Artworks)
Dragon's Crown (Comes with Limited Bonus Artworks)


  • Available for a limited time for pre-orders, “Dragon’s Crown Artworks”, the soft-cover art book, will be 64 pages of full color drawings from Dragon's Crown. This includes intricate drawings of the characters in the game, the lush environment backgrounds, and descriptions from George Kamitani, the creative mind behind Dragon’s Crown. Also included in the art book will be commissioned illustrations of the Dragon's Crown universe from three prominent Japanese video game artists: Akira Yasuda (Akiman), Kinu Nishimura, and Gouda Cheese (BENGUS)
  • Dragon's Crown Artworks is only available while supplies last!
  • A NEARLY ENDLESS COOPERATIVE ONLINE ACTION RPG Dragon’s Crown allows up to four players to team up online to clear out monster‐ridden dungeons, discover precious treasure, and destroy awe‐inspiring bosses. Its unique, highly replayable design means that every time players boot up and log on, they can expect a different experience and hours upon hours of satisfying adventuring
  • STUNNING HD VISUAL DESIGN FROM THE MAKERS OF ODIN SPHERE Unparalleled in their unique style, developer Vanillaware painstakingly hand‐paints every detail, be it a blade of grass or the scales on the game’s impressive dragons. The game becomes a lush, vibrant storybook come to life when everything starts to animate in gorgeous full HD


From George Kamitani and Vanillaware, the mind and design team behind Odin Sphere and Muramasa: The Demon Blade, Dragon’s Crown is a multiplayer action RPG with breathtaking visual style, a design built around cooperative play and epic boss fights, and the ability to discover a new adventure in every play session. With Dragon’s Crown, developer Vanillaware deftly marries stunning hand‐drawn and animated art work with deep, action‐packed hardcore gameplay.

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Estava faltando um rpg assim, em side scrolling, diversão, belos personagens e uma história fantástica. Vale cada centavo gasto. O Artbook é uma obra prima.
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They Don't Make Games Like This Any More.
Dragon's Crown is a Beat 'em up action RPJ game with stunning visuals, beautiful art work and sounds, the game is a artistic masterpiece that fans of the Beat 'em up category will love and enjoy, the only draw back is the combat, when the camera zooms out the battles becomes really messy, you get lost in the crowd overall is great game, highly recommended.
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Beautiful and amazing
Dragon's Crown can be easily classified as the best beat 'em up of the current generation with a plus: it's a RPG with a story told in a classic way adapted to a game language.

The art of Vanillaware is amazing. The advantage of 2D is that it doesn't get old as the 3D does. So if you play this game years from now it will still look brilliant. I've read many comments and reviews saying that the art in this game is offensive and sexualized. Well, it highlights women's attribute. But it's the artist's style. Come on, guys. It's like saying that all the paintings on the museums containing nudity are offensive. They are simply art. I don't understand why the western culture is so paranoid about this.

There's a good amount of content to be unlocked and characters to play with. I've read some articles saying that the beat 'em up genre is doomed, but this game proves that it isn't. You can have a really good time playing solo or with your friends.

We must thank Atlus for helping this game to be launched. They're simply one of the best companies to release japanese games on the west. Oh, and if you're fan of Monty Python you must see the tribute that Dragon's Crown offers in a specific stage!
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Finally !
Finally a game that resembles Dungeons and Dragons for the arcade ! this is my favorite game this generation ! its addicting and awesome ! the art-book is just great its worth it !
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Beat'em Diablo
After finishing the game once other difficulties are unlocked to keep playing and improving your character. This is just like how the Diablo games work (at least 2 and 3, never played 1).
You choose one of the classes to play the game as, each character created acts as a save file, so you can't change the character you are using mid playthrough, picking a new class means starting the game from level 1 with that new character.
After this the point of the game becomes farming and stringing together stages to improve the chances to get better loot, this also requires preparation since you need 2 or 3 sets of gear to run through every level straight (equipment needs to be repaired, but going to the city to repair means breaking the chain and losing the bonuses).
The RPG elements are not that wide, but at least you can level up and get new skills (some are equipped and other are passive).
The graphic style is awesome.

What is bad? characters do not talk, since all the story is told via a narrator, characters only have a few grunts and short words to match their attacks.
Some parts can get frustrating, especially when there are tons of enemies on screen.
Becomes repetitive if you do not understand how a game based around loot works.
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