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Dream of classical music: Trusty Bell, walk the path of the Samurai in Samurai Dou, fights lasts for decades in Kateikyou Hitman Reborn! (ver. PSP), relive Goku's adventures in DragonBall DS & more!

From the publisher: On his deathbed, the famous composer, Chopin, drifts between this life and the next. In his final hours, he experiences a fantastical dream where he encounters a young girl facing a terrible destiny and the boy who will fight to save her.

On the border between dreams and reality, Chopin discovers the light that shines in all of us in this enduring tale of good and evil, love and betrayal.

Developed by Tri-Crescendo and featuring the music of Chopin, Eternal Sonata for the PLAYSTATION®3 computer entertainment system delivers amazingly detailed 3D graphics, a captivating storyline, an innovative action battle system as well as new playable characters, quests, music and more.

The dreamy fantasy RPG Trusty Bell is available on PlayStation3™ with even more gaming elements. The game is available as Japanese and Asian versions for US$ 64.90 and US$ 59.90 respectively only.

The US version, renamed Eternal Sonata will come in October and is currently available as a preorder for US$ 64.90 only.

The older version of Trusty Bell [Japanese and English versions] on Xbox360™ are still available via Play-Asia.com for US$ 64.90 and US$ 54.90 only.

Learn the music in the game by getting a copy of the original score for US$ 33.90 only.

Learn of your dreamscape through the official guide book for US$ 17.90 only.

The hack and slash action takes place in a state called Gishuamari during the Sengoku period. By slaying the late ruling family, the Sakurai clan, a man named Fujimori became the state's Daimyo.

As a ruler, he keeps an iron fist on the country and the way with which he took the Daimyo's throne made him enemies amongst the peasants and old noble families.

The player is a stray Samurai with the freedom to join any party, e.g. Fujimori's, the old noble houses' or the peasants.

Of course, with the freedom provided in the game, there are more than one route you can develop your story, betray your old employers and go under a new one, remove yourself from corruptive forces and join the battle for justice etc, just remember that the fate of the state rests within your hands.

Walk the way of the Samurai via your Sony PSP. Samurai Dou portable is available as Japanese and Asian versions for US$ 39.90 and and US$ 36.90 respectively.

The newest Samurai Dou 3 [Japanese and Asian versions] are coming out on PlayStation3™. The games are going to arrive in November and are available preorders for US$ 69.90 and US$ 64.90 only.

The PSP fighter takes place during the manga's newest chapter – the Future Arc. A decade to the future, Reborn and Tsuna are still facing continual challenges from different organizations and mafia groups.

While preparing for a face down with Hyakuran's Milfiore in the virtual training room, an accident happened.

Nobody really knew what happened to the computers and machines in the room, but the rampage they caused cannot be stopped via normal means.

To manage the crisis, Tsuna gets involved in fights he has never encountered before and the more clues he obtains through the battles, the closer he gets to the truth behind the mysterious accident.

In this game, you can create your very own player character from scratch, mix and match the different parts and create a unique character most representative of yourself. Time your attacks, stop your opponents from launching powerful skills at you, use this timing to your advantage and do critcal damages to him instead.

Join in a game with a friend via the adhoc network battle mode and spot the mysterious enemies who masquerade at Bongole members, don't let them take advantage of you during battles.

Kateikyou Hitman Reborn! Battle Arena is available as a Japanese version for your Sony PSP™ for US$ 48.90 only.

Please see here for the full list of Kateikyou Hitman Reborn! products available at Play-Asia.com.

Dragon Ball DS is an interactive retelling of the popular manga/ anime series. Instead of having Goku as an omnipotent fighter, the DS action adventure takes the players back to Goku's childhood, the time when he met Buruma and begins his journey for the 7 dragon balls.

As a full fledged action adventure, elements such as puzzle solving, fights and memorable scenes are fully incorporated. The game makes use of the twin screen feature of the Nintendo DS, keep an eye on both screens as you can attack enemies on the upper as well as on the lower.

The two screens are working as one when the game shows memorable scenes, so expect the fearsomeness of dragons or the hilariousness of the comic elements to affect you at tenfolds.

Aside from the twin screens, the touch screen feature is also fully utilized, drag Goku across the screen the speed at which you drag your pen affects his speed as well. Change from fist fighting mode to weapon fighting mode to activate the different abilities of the character.

Get into Goku's pair of shoes and journey to find the Dragonballs in Dragonball DS the game is available as a region free Japanese version for your Nintendo DS™ for US$ 48.90 only.

Please see here for the array of Dragonball products available at Play-Asia.com.

Capcom is releasing compilations of their classic titles again. The software contains two fighters, Capcom vs. SNK Millionaire Fighting 2001 and Street Fighter III 3rd Strike – Fight for the future. The students of the school of Justice and the characters in Gekka Kenshi collides, choose your player character out of a total of 50 fighters and engage in the battle Royale of the century.

Aside from the wide range of player character choices, groove attacks are very much the essence of the fighter, from blocking to exploding rage, explore the potential of your player character.

In Street Fighter III 3rd Strike, you are not merely judged for your wins, you are also judged for style. Fight beautifully is the catch phrase of the game, execute series of attacks smoothly to dazzle the grade judge system as well as your opponents to gain a victory.

Capcom vs SNK 2 and Hyper Street Fighter 2 are available for the same price of US$ 29.90 only.

Like Capcom SNK 2, Hyper Street Fighter 2 carries games from two series as well: Hyper Street Fighter 2: The Anniversary Edition and Vampire DarkStalkers Collection. Now you can enjoy the exhillarating fights representative of their respective series in one go.

The two compilations are coming with a Bonus DVD, but this DVD is only available for as long as stocks last.

From the publisher: War is everywhere in Warhammer® Online: Age of Reckoning™ (WAR), the new fantasy MMORPG from Mythic Entertainment, the creators of Dark Age of Camelot™. WAR features next generation Realm vs. Realm™ gameplay that will immerse you in a world of perpetual conflict for years to come.

Experience the glory of Realm vs. Realm! Declare your allegiance and join hundreds of thousands of mighty heroes on the battlefields of Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning to experience the epic nature of war.

Enter a grim fantasy world where the armies of Order (Dwarfs, High Elves, and Empire) and Destruction (Greenskins, Dark Elves, and Chaos) collide to determine the fate of nations. Invade enemy lands, besiege imposing fortresses, and sack sprawling capital cities for the glory of your Realm.

Wield devastating magic and deadly weapons, battle monstrous creatures, and join your brothers-in-arms in epic Public Quests™. Climb the Bastion Stair, carry your Guild Banner into battle, and unlock the secrets of the Tome of Knowledge as you travel the world. Sharpen your blade and prepare to unleash your inner mutation-the Age of Reckoning has begun and WAR IS EVERYWHERE!

The torrent of games under the Warhammer flag are flooding in. Warhammer Online is available on your PCs for US$ 46.90 only.

A series of guides for Warhammer games also came out this week:

Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning AtlasUS US$ 19.90 5-15d
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning Guide and Atlas BundleUS N/A sold
Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning: Prima Official Game GuideUS US$ 24.90 5-15d

For all other Warhammer games available at Play-Asia.com, please click here

Also in stock today:

PC Games

Gothic 3ASIA N/A sold
Imperium Romanum: Emperor ExpansionASIA N/A sold

An excerpt of Japanese music and movies update:

B'z The Best - Ultra Treasure [2CD+DVD] (~B'z)JPN US$ 39.90 5-15d
BoA Live Tour 2008 - The Face (~BoA)JPN N/A sold
Contrast / Katsuya Saeki Kichiku Megane Character Song CDJPN US$ 23.90 5-15d
Ikkitousen Best Song Collection - Song & Soul Matsuri [CD+DVD Limited Edition]JPN US$ 39.99 5-15d
Kokia Complete Collection 1998-1999 [CD+DVD] (~Kokia)JPN US$ 31.90 5-15d
Kurage Nagareboshi [CD+DVD 5th Anniversary Limited Edition] (~Ai Otsuka)HK US$ 16.90 1-5d
Lost In Blue - Kaiko Catharsis [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Nightmare)JPN US$ 14.90 5-15d
Lost In Blue - Lost in Blue [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Nightmare)JPN N/A sold
Sony Fair @ Taiwan (~Various)HK US$ 19.90 1-5d
Tegami - Haikei Jugo No Kimi E [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Angela Aki)JPN N/A sold
Trinka Trinka (~Olivia)JPN US$ 19.90 5-15d
Trinka Trinka [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Olivia)JPN US$ 24.90 5-15d


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