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Dreamcast Restock: Sturmwind Windstaerke 12, Gun Lord, and DUX 1.5 all available!

If your Dreamcast title appetite has yet to be sated then keep an eye on these currently in-stock titles! NG:DEV.TEAM, HUCAST, and redspotgames have developed iconic games for the Dreamcast that pushes every aspect of the console to its limits!


Dreamcast - Region Free [SHMUP - Vertical Scrolling]

Joypad, Arcade Stick, VMU, Rumble Pack, SD-card

Strap into the pilots seat, Sturmwind needs you to defend the homeworld! Sturmwind has been receiving a multitude of international press since it's inception, and rightly so! Released last April, this title is a love letter to the golden age of SHMUPS, and this game takes the Dreamcast console to new heights utilizing a clever hybrid 2D/3D engine. In relation to the system's age, Sturmwind looks and feels absolutely amazing. With 16 levels and 7 worlds, 20 giant bosses and over 100 enemies, one can expect an encapsulating shmup experience as you search for the "Mother", the planet of our ancestors!

The Limited Deluxe Edition of Sturmwind: Windstaerke 12 packs as hard of a punch as the gameplay itself! Along with the highly addictive game comes the Collector's Box with a model kit, the full-color game manual, the cutest Kraken plushie you've ever seen, as well as the Soundtrack "505 The Final Score Sturmwind". With only few copies left since the final print - these round out any retro gaming collection! 

Sturmwind is region-free and supports both PAL at 50 Hz and 60 Hz, as well as NTSC and VGA. The arcade stick (both analog and digital) as well as the standard joypad can be used, with all controls configurable. As well, VMU and rumble pack support are enabled, and it is the first commercial game that uses the SD-card adapter. On the SD-card it is possible to save replays, high-scores and even add-ons.

SturmwindDreamcast (DC)  US$ 16.9924h
Sturmwind: Windstärke 12 [Limited Deluxe Edition w/ Krakor]Dreamcast (DC)  sold
Sturmwind: Windstärke 12 [Limited Edition]Dreamcast (DC)  sold



Dreamcast - Region Free [Gun N' Run]

VGA Box, Arcade Stick, VMU, Original Controller

 The game takes place in a world where science fiction meets high fantasy. Enter Gordian Gaiden, a gun master, whose goal is to defeat the Lord of Steel. Massive dragons, gigantic mechanical bosses and their smaller cohorts roam the 9 stages of the game.

Each stage is carefully drawn and shaded. However, you don't get much time to just sit down and admire the environment, for the battles start the moment you load your game. Gamers can choose between Original and Arcade Mode, the latter being the more challenging, suitable for the veteran gamer who's used to enemies firing at them from all angles! While you are dealing with the enemies, don't forget to collect diamonds, especially when you want to join the rankings. Log your score online via the code given and see how high you place amongst the Gunlord community. 

GunLordDreamcast (DC)  sold

DUX 1.5

Dreamcast - Region Free [Shooter - Horizontal]

VGA Box, Arcade Stick, VMU, Original Controller

DUX has been reduxed as 1.5! With all new rebalanced gameplay as well as a brand new 16-bit soundtrack created by Andre Naumann and Marco Groß DUX is better than ever!

Get yourself back into the high-res bullet-spraying action with insta-respawns (weathered DUX veterans will truly appreciate this). Enjoy a constant 60 fps (cue Dreamcast > last generation jokes!) across 6 stages, consisting of 30+ fully animated CGI enemies and 6 fully animated (and massive) bosses! 

DUX 1.5Dreamcast (DC)  sold
DUX 1.5 [Limited Edition]Dreamcast (DC)  sold

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