DUX 1.5 [Collector's Edition]

Compatible with Dreamcast™ (DC™)
Version: Europe
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DUX 1.5 [Collector's Edition]
DUX 1.5 [Collector's Edition]
DUX 1.5 [Collector's Edition]
DUX 1.5 [Collector's Edition]

Product Features

  • 6 Stages with nice HighRes Visuals
  • Awesome 16-bit Soundtrack
  • 30+ fully animated CGI enemies
  • 6+ huge fully animated boss enemies
  • Constant 60 fps
  • Device Support: VGA Box, Arcade Stick, VMU, Original Controller
  • New 1.5 Features: Re-balanced Gameplay, New rockin' Soundtrack by Andre Naumann and Marco Groß, Custom Controls

track listing

DUX Obvious Soundtrack: 

01 Title    
02 Stage 1 Entrance to Trance
03 Stage 2 A Cave Full of Water    
04 Stage 3 Material Mine    
05 Stage 4 Purple Spaces    
06 Stage 5 Radiax‘s Den    
07 Stage 6 Obviously Obvious    
08 Game Over
09 Boss Fight    
10 Boss Win    
11 Highscore    
12 Credits    
13 Bloomin' Cave    
14 Kickin' Cave    
15 Warrior Dance Mix    
16 Dynamite Disco Dux    
17 Score the Darkness    
18 Chillin' Goose
19 Sidastic!    
20 Ride the Mix    
21 You Just Don't Understand

DUX 1.5 Remix Soundtrack:

01 Title DUX is Back  
02 Stage 1 The Space Ever  
03 Stage 2 Dreamy Cave  
04 Stage 3 Rockin’ Factory  
05 Stage 4 Incepted Space  
06 Stage 5 Ghostly Geiger  
07 Stage 6 Space Zoo  
08 Boss Theme  
09 Boss Win  
10 Highscore  
11 Game Over  
12 Credits  
13 RMX Dr.Future 80′s Pushback Galore  
14 RMX CJoe Game Over Horizon  
15 RMX CJoe Dynamite Disco Dux  
16 RMX Mezzer Hymn to Darkness  
17 RMX Mic Dux‘n‘Bass  

Item Description

DUX has been reduxed as 1.5! With all new re-balanced gameplay as well as a brand new 16-bit soundtrack created by Andre Naumann and Marco Groß, DUX is has stepped its game up - have you?

Get yourself back into the high-resolution bullet-spraying action with the introduction of instant respawns, which weathered DUX veterans should truly appreciate, and a steady 60FPS across all 6 stages, consisting of over 30 fully animated CGI enemies and 6 fully animated (and massive) bosses!

During the exploration for new materials to produce more powerful battle ships, the Material Forces discovered a space mine on the enemy territories. Then the scientists began to analyze the material and concluded they had found the one material to lead 'em all - they called it DUX. The scientists used it to assemble a prototype battle ship with more power than any others in the space to lead the fight against the Spiritual Spacers. Somehow the material seemed to be instable and the use of the assembled ship seemed highly risky, so that a lot of the scientists fell away from the project. Since there hasn't been any other choice, the forces were forced to let it fly. In DUX you pilot this ship to reach the obvious. Good luck!

Support: VGA Box, Arcade Stick, VMU, Original Controller


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