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DYING LIGHT: Reviving the Zombie Apocalypse, One Night At A Time...

Distancing themselves from Deep Sliver and the Dead Island franchise, Developers Techland have been working feverishly to bring a zombie apocalypse game that matches their initial vision - an open world 4 Player Co-op experience based on the demands of Gamers who all ask the same question: "Can I really survive the upcoming infestation?" From what we've seen and heard so far, we might finally have a AAA title to satiate this demand post Left 4 Dead and DayZ!


PlayStation®4 Xbox One™ PC [First Person Action Survival] Release: Jan 27th, 2015

Presented in the first-person perspective, Dying Light attempts to creates a sense of immediacy and dread through choices made during the day and night; with dynamic weather in a hyper realistic open world, survival within a race against time will force Gamers to use every instinct in order to withstand the ordeal of a real zombie apocalypse.

Surrounded by hordes of mindless, flesh-hungry enemies due to a mysterious epidemic, gameplay flows between the relationship of players vs zombies. During the day, they are rambling, docile, and easy to avoid. Yet, in the dying of the light, a nocturnal rage transforms them into inhuman predators with unbelievable strength and aggression.

Can the player prepare themselves for the onslaught until the next day? This is Dying Light, where the hunter during the day turns prey at night.

So how does one withstand such odds? Techland has listened to many fans during the development of Dying Light, and have created many ways for the player to maximize their resourcefulness. In the day, by foraging for supplies, over 100 weapons can be crafted from elemental instruments of blunt destruction to elegant weapons that need finesse. With these, brutal First Person physical combat becomes an ease, especially when the fan-favorite mechanic of individual limb slicing comes into play.

Not every situation is combat focused; with Parkour style movement, the ability to fight or flee gives players freedom of movement and traversal. Whether getting the drop on enemies or escaping after gunfire (sound plays a huge factor in Dying Light), being able to choose the next step and where to go will present a satisfying sense of immersion.

Players can also recruit the help of 3 others, as 4 player online co-op will place emphasis on cooperation; selfish gungho play will not be rewarded, especially when the situation is as desperate as this. With varied and randomized objectives on top of the main storyline, working together to literally survive the night is the priority. Imagine building up a temporary base huddled in fear of what lies in the dark? This will be a standard reality; aside from the transforming zombies, there is also something much more sinister, more intelligent even - almost as if someone else was controlling this creature, for the sole purpose of invading a game...

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