16. Feb, 2015 19:16 (HKT)

Dystopian Sci-Fi with Equilibrium!

If you missed this one, here's your chance to catch up with a hidden gem of dystopian sci-fi movies.
Pre-orders for the release date of April 7th.


Equilibrium is set in the post World War III future of 2072, in which emotions are suppressed and art is forbidden. To enforce these harsh sanctions, the totalitarian city state of Libria employs “Grammaton Clerics”, highly trained law enforcers that use “gun kata”, a combination of martial art and firearms.

Christian Bale is the high-ranking Cleric John Preston, who unquestioningly follows orders together with his partner Errol Patridge, played by Sean Bean. But as it always happens in sci-fi movies about heroes being on the wrong side, events occur that make Preston doubt the nature of the regime.

If you know your way around dystopian fiction, you will recognize a sort of “best of” classic sources: part 1984, some ideas from Brave New World, a bit of Fahrenheit 461, hints of Metropolis and quite obvious references to Nazi symbolism and architecture (some scenes were shot in actual Third Reich-buildings in Berlin).

The movie may not be reinventing the genre, but it mixes existing features in a way that feels fresh and entertaining. Except that you can probably already guess what happens to Sean Bean.

Equilibrium [Blu-ray+Digital HD] US US$ 14.995-15d

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