13. Jun, 2016 17:34 (HKT)

Elder Scrolls Online: New DLC Launching TOMORROW!

PlayStation®4, Xbox One™, PC [MMORPG]

Over the past year, Elder Scrolls Online has gathered quite the online community with over 7 million players enjoying the game worldwide. Though the base content is already thriving with interesting characters, rich Elder Scrolls lore, and exciting quests to take part in, DLC and updates are always welcome to keep the game fresh and appealing towards other players and fans of the game. During Bethesda's E3 conference, some exciting announcements on upcoming changes and DLC had us all excited and eager to play.

"Sweet mother, sweet mother, send you child unto me; for the sins of the unworthy must be baptised in blood and fear." Any Elder Scrolls fan would recognise the iconic Black Sacrament spoken to summon an assassin from the Dark Brotherhood, and now, with the new upcoming DLC, players have a chance to join the wellknown Dark Brotherhood. A fan favourite throughout the Elder Scrolls games, after the Thieves Guild DLC it was expected that Bethesda would eventually add yet another dimension to their already huge world, and in the form of their most intriguing faction.

With the Dark Brotherhood DLC, players are treated to a whole new questline to follow, along with signature weapons, armour, and more as seen in the chilling trailer. Ruthless, stealth-based, players (or any fan of the Elder Scrolls series) will enjoy all that this shadowy organisation has to offer. Expect to be stalking in the shadows across Tamriel and hunting down your targets by June 14, 2016.

Another change coming to the Elder Scrolls Online is one that many fans have clamoured for over the past year is the removal of 'content barriers'. As soon as your character is set loose into the world of Tamriel, restrictions are evident. Now, however, players are free of those restrictions and are able to explore the whole fleshed out world Bethesda has created for us. It should be noted, and come off as a given, that the alliances assigned will still apply in PvP zones of the game, retaining the story element of the alliances fighting in a war for the Imperial Throne during an era of chaos. The 'One Tamriel' update mainly frees players of the restrictions for exploration and questing purposes, unlocking and adding more content for players to uncover. So whether you're part of the Ebonheart Pact or the Aldmeri Dominion, the entirety of Tamriel is open for all players to explore and enjoy.

With the addition of both the Thieves Guild and Dark Brotherhood questlines, hopefully we will begin to see the addition of other popular guilds and questlines appealing to a variety of playstyles and classes in the near future, or just providing new questlines and content for players to enjoy. Having Tamriel open for all no matter what alliance potentially adds far more appeal and content for avid players of the game to explore, opening up the possibility for more fun and engaging quests. So far, Bethesda has created an incredible world through the Elder Scrolls series and we look forward to what new updates or DLCs they will surprise us with next.
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