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Language  Cantonese
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社會的各階層有其掙扎和爭鬥,人性、權力、利益,糾纏不清。女主角李心潔背負丈夫的使命,秉承無私、追求公平的理念參選特首;可惜,社會現實將她捲入複雜 的困局,一方面面對內部競爭,一方面面對對手廖啟智的攻擊。經歷重重阻繞,卻發現敵我難分。角色之間的愛恨交織,人性和私利的糾纏,正是社會現實的縮影。

The Election is a political drama series sets forth the future Hong Kong Chief Executive (CE) Election in 2022. Two candidates, Yip Ching (starred by Lee Sinje) and Sung Man Shan (starred by Kai-chi Liu), are battling to take the seat of the CE with every means. Yip's Election Initiatives carries on her deceased husband mission and determines to pursue a vision of fair and justice, while his rival Sung, plans on different conspiracies to take her down. The conflicts and relationships between the characters and political parties depict the epitome of humanity in our society.

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