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Endless Songs: K-ON! Yui - Unmei wa Endless, Mio - Singing!, AKB48 - Uekara Mariko, Akanishi Jin - Test Drive Featuring Jason Derulo

The K-ON! girls are singing their way into the cinema. So be prepared for more heavily energetic music, comedy and teatimes.

This time, they are going to move out of Japan and into London, the heart of rock music. The girls have been discussing the direction to take their band for some time, will they find their inspiration there?

The four original members are about to graduate, so the comedy will bring a tinge of heartrending sweetness. Find out what will happen to the K-ON Club.

And as we wait for the DVD and Blu-ray discs to come, listen to the opening and ending theme songs. Following the trend set by the TV anime, the opening Unmei wa Endless is performed by Yui.

Her hectic beat challenges both her abilities as the lead guitarist and a vocalist. It also portrays the busy lives of the girls and their crashing waves of enthusiasm. The ending theme Singing! stars Mio as the main vocalist. The catchy song spots a distinguished rhythm pattern and the lyrics carries the confidence the girls feel about their future.

The road is endless, walk with the K-ON! girls:

Unmei wa Endless

Unmei Wa Endless! (K-On! Theme Song & Intro Song) (~Hokago Tea Time)JPN US$ 15.901w
Unmei Wa Endless! (K-On! Theme Song & Intro Song) [Limited Edition] (~Hokago Tea Time)JPN US$ 15.901w


Singing! (K-On! Theme Song & Intro Song) (~Hokago Tea Time)JPN US$ 15.901w
Singing! (K-On! Theme Song & Intro Song) [Limited Edition] (~Hokago Tea Time)JPN N/Asold

Look above you, Mariko is coming. Shinoda Mariko becomes everyone's big sister after her senpai graduates. She has gone through quite a lot of dramas in her AKB48 journey, and this year, she is the winner of the rock-paper-scissors tournament. Come feel her bouncy energy and her humour.

The companion song Noel no Yoru in the single is a Christmas song. They are collaborating with 7-11 to bring their fans and customers the warmest winter season ever. The cakes from this project are all beautifully decorated, be sure to take one from the shop as you listen to their song this year.

Come catch Mariko:

Uekara Mariko [CD+DVD Type A] (~Akb48)JPN US$ 15.901w
Uekara Mariko [CD+DVD Type B] (~Akb48)JPN US$ 15.901w
Uekara Mariko [CD+DVD Type K] (~Akb48)JPN US$ 15.901w

Akanishi Jin has certainly been extremely busy since arriving in the US. After his Yellow Gold Tour, he released his first CD. Collaborating with Jason Derulo, he brings out an even wilder, untamed side of himself. So let him take you on a Test Drive. The CD comes with three mixes of the song, each captures a different side.

The CD+DVD Limited Edition comes with the music video of Test Drive and the making of clips. Watch the work that goes into the song and catch a glimpse of Akanishi behind the scenes.

Akanishi Jin will be your driver:

Test Drive Featuring Jason Derulo (~Jin Akanishi)JPN N/Asold
Test Drive Featuring Jason Derulo [CD+DVD Limited Edition] (~Jin Akanishi)JPN N/Asold


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