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Enjoy a darkish latesummer night's adventure!

Shin Yomawari
PlayStation®4, PlayStation®Vita | Genre: Horror Adventure Game

The night has arrived! Lock the doors, shutter the windows, light the fire, sit with your back to the wall and bury yourself in Shin Yomawari.

Summer reached its end, Yui and Haru are two close friends who went out to see the annual fireworks’ event. But once it’s finished the into the once-familiar town, now shrouded in the darkness of night. But pay attention! The night is full of monsters, and many other strange creatures! On the dark streets, black figures stand still under the roadside street lights, or are they behind you? If you hit them with your light, you might just see their true colors, but do you really want to...?

Shin Yomawari is the new chapter of the original horror survival game released by Nippon Ichi in 2015 for PlayStation Vita. The game is focused on two young girls that must return to their house during the night, but they soon realize that it is not in the same town that people see, and live during the daytime. The darkness has made the town unfamiliar, and they’re all alone in there, save for the spirits and ghouls that stalk them. Help the girls to hide, outsmart, or outrun the hunting spirits while they search for the right way to home.

Explore a large, and wide city armed only with a flashlight. It’ll be very useful to find items and creatures, who are lurking in the shadows waiting patiently for you. Each creature has unique characteristics, so think quickly to find the best method to avoid it (for example you can run or create a barrier using wooden boxes or stones), their touch is lethal for living beings, and knowing their specific peculiarities will help you to escape from their claws.

Watch out where you put your feet, melt into the darkness, and walk your way to safety with Shin Yomawari!

PSN Card 10000 YEN | Playstation Network Japan
US$ 98.49
PSN Card 5000 YEN | Playstation Network Japan
US$ 51.99
Shin Yomawari (JPN)US$ 79.99
Shin Yomawari (JPN)US$ 53.99
Shin Yomawari [Limited Edition] (JPN)US$ 129.99
Shin Yomawari [Limited Edition] (JPN)US$ 105.99
Yomawari: Midnight Shadows (US)US$ 29.99
Yomawari: Midnight Shadows (US)US$ 34.99
Shin Yomawari (Chinese Subs) (ASIA)US$ 51.99

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