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Ethereal in blue: Nendoroid Nymph, Chopper Western Ver., Koihime Musou Choun Black Butterfly, Sega Prize Kirino, Kuroneko Irony ver., Moshidora Minami, Ayano & more!

Nymph is sent by the heavens to take Ikaros home. Catch her and put her in your display shelf. The little blue haired Angeloid is not so much of a battle machine but an analyst.

But that role, too, she is very ready to give up, put the bag of snacks in her hands and play her favorite show on the TV.

She can smile openly, use her angry expression to hide her shyness and look bored. The bubble colored wings behind her back are her source of power, remove her cape to see their delicateness and clarity. There is a scene where an enemy rips them off. Put the shrunken wings on her back and be very careful with her in her weakened state.

Catch an angel from the skies:

Nendoroid No. 181 Sora no Otoshimono Forte: NymphJPN N/Asold

Chopper is off to chase for his portion of meat with Nico Robin. He puts on a matching shirt and pants to fit with her color scheme.

The cowboy get-up seems to have bring out a different side of Chopper's personality, usually naive and gullible, this little elk seems rather trigger happy when he gets his twin guns.

Small details such as the carvings on the handles and the fold of the cravat around his neck are crafted to perfection. Pair him up with Nico so that they can guard each other's backs during the hunt.

Let's have some meat tonight:

One Piece - Door Painting Collection 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Tony Tony Chopper Western Ver. (Re-run)JPN N/Asold

The black butterfly upholds the law of justice when the sun sets. The hugely popular Choun Shiryu from Shin Koihime Musou gets another figure, dressed in black, purple and blue, she exudes sensuality and mysteriousness. Her outfit is a mixture between Gothic Lolita and the Chinese cut dress.

The high collar highlights her slender neck, her billowing sleeves are painted in the patterns of a butterfly's wings. Collectors can remove her beautifully painted mask to admire the vibrancy of her eyes and her outer garments to study her smooth lines.

The butterfly flutters over:

Shin Koihime Musou - Otometairan 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Choun Black Butterfly Mask Ver.JPN N/Asold

Sega invites Kirino and Kuroneko on stage, together, they are going to perform Irony, their theme song. They are going to do everything loyally according to the music video, they even found the dresses that ClariS wore. The garments are light and frilly. The figure designer put a transparent layer over the bluish grey under skirt.

Although the dresses are crafted with the same theme, Kirino has a pink hat and gloves to show off her energetic personality and Kuroneko has a blue set to show off her quieter, gentler side. The girls have also added personal touches to their accessories. Kirino hangs her favorite octopus mascot on her microphone when Kuroneko ties a blue ribbon on the handle.

All bright smiles and sweet melodies, the girls are here under the spotlights.

Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC EX Figure: Kirino Kousaka Irony Jacket Ver.JPN N/Asold
Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC EX Figure: Kuroneko Irony Jacket Ver.JPN N/Asold

Minami takes her manager job seriously. Even without the Drucker's Manual, she knew that increased exposure will do well for her baseball team and her series. So here she is, showing off the new tankoubon and her winning smile. Sometimes an encouraging smile and a gentle word are all the miracles the boys need to win a match.

Ayano is shy, but not anymore. She has to realize her friend's dream, so she joins Minami in the promotional campaign. Her quiet gentleness contrast with Minami's energetic personality. Couple her intelligence and research skills with Minami's charisma, and you will have one heck of a support team working in your display shelf.

From cheer leading to team pit strategies, the girls can manage anything:

Moshidora Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC EX Figure: Houjou AyanoJPN N/Asold
Moshidora Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC EX Figure: Kawashima MinamiJPN N/Asold

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