Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change (DLC) DLC STEAM digital

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Product Languages

Language  English, German, French, Spanish - Spain
Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change (DLC)
Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change (DLC)
Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change (DLC)
Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change (DLC)
Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change (DLC)
Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change (DLC)
Europa Universalis IV: Winds of Change (DLC)

Product Features

  • Aztec Empire: New “Tonalli” mechanic encourages warfare and sacrifices. Pursue the goal of centralizing the loose empire of vassals, and new government reforms including famous chinampa farming.
  • Mayan Nations: Build a united confederation of Mayan nations, thrive in the tropics of the Yucatan and centralize your union into a stronger kingdom to meet the coming storm.
  • Inca Empire: Expand from Cusco to conquer or colonize nearby territories, resist the traditional power of mummified rulers and manage Incan Imperial authority.
  • The Netherlands: Explore more economically themed government reforms and decisions, participate in the power struggle between the stadtholders and monarchists or switch to English national content through Glorious Revolution.
  • Venice: Resist or bow to the power of the Council of Ten in a new Government mechanic, establish the Golden Republic, and enjoy the cultural power of the Venetian Renaissance.
  • Austria: Make critical decisions in the new “Universal Empire” Imperial incident, establish the Austro-Hungarian Empire variant nation, choose from a dozen branching missions, and use new diplomatic options.
  • Hungary and Bohemia: Resist imperial domination through unique Hungarian Government Reforms and decisions, new Hussite-themed content for Bohemia, and the ability to form Greater Moravia nation.
  • Timurids: Continue a lifestyle of cavalry-led conquest or consolidate power in Persia, establish new Government Reforms including Plunder Economy, new Soyurghal subject type and use Chinese Conquest casus belli.
  • Mughals: Victories on the battlefield will help missions as you extend your power over the riches of a very diverse region. You can promote the syncretic Divine Religion to reduce intolerance while promoting monarch power, and embrace new reforms, including the Mansabdar warrior-bureaucrats.
  • Nomadic Horde Nations: Make decisions about faith through religious branching missions as well as dozens of specialized missions depending on your Horde starting point - Mongol, Tartar or Moghul Khanate.
  • Germany and Italy: Unite their culture groups to establish major European nations, with new government reforms and flavor content.
  • Theodoro and Trebizond: Strengthen and revive Eastern Orthodox power in the Black Sea in a challenging environment between mighty empires with strong claims and stronger armies.
  • Hisn Kayfa and Hormuz/Oman: Expand from the Persian Gulf through Abbuyid revival missions for Hisn Kayfa and trade-oriented content for Hormuz/Oman.

Item Description

Winds of Change makes wide-ranging changes to twenty nations stretching from the Andean highlands to the vast steppes of Mongolia. There are many new branching missions, government reforms, events, estate privileges and more!

Note: This content requires the base game Europa Universalis IV to play.


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