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EVIL TAKES HOLD: The Evil Within Releases This Week!

We've heard that this game is a mindf--- of epic proportions, and it's just in time for the Halloween season! Time to practice video game tradition - turn out the lights, grab those surround sound headphones, anda mandatory diaper! The Evil Within - might be Shinji Mikami's final directorial project!


PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, Xbox One™, Xbox 360™ [Survivial Horror] [Single Player]

Revealed in 2010 as “Project Zwei,” The Evil Within is a survival horror game with high expectations: as the alluded final directorial work of Shinji Mikami – the master of Survivial Horror and the creator of the Resident Evil series, this new title encapsulates the desire of Mikami Sensei's mission in reviving the very genre he helped invent.

Taking a steep detour away from the current “dramatic horror” approach of it's contemporaries – ie games that feature horror elements overshadowed by gratuitous action sequences, The Evil Within carries it's pedigree with a careful take on pacing, suspense, and a sense of helplessness surrounded by mystery.

Follow the unfortunate circumstances of Detective Sebastian Castellanos and his partner who find themselves in a world of madness; only by facing their fears can they defeat the powerful dark forces that threaten their survival and sanity.

To ensure that the feeling of the genre permeates with gameplay, players, in lieu actual weapons, can use a multitude of traps back against the grotesque foes who set them; suspense takes a whole new aspect as the combination of imagination and resourcefulness under duress brings survival to a harrowing level.

Japanese version has an optional DLC to restore the removed gore-related content to appease ratings boards. 
Chinese Subtitles only available on the respective PlayStation®4 and 
PlayStation®3 Asian Versions.


PlayStation®4: US/EU - Oct 14  ASIA - Oct 15  JPN - Oct 23

PsychobreakPlayStation 4JPN US$ 29.9924h
The Evil WithinPlayStation 4EUR sold
The Evil WithinPlayStation 4US sold
The Evil Within (English)PlayStation 4ASIA US$ 56.9924h
The Evil Within (Chinese Sub)PlayStation 4ASIA sold

Xbox One™: US/EU - Oct 14  ASIA - Oct 15  JPN - Oct 23

The Evil WithinXbox OneEUR US$ 24.992-4w
The Evil WithinXbox OneUS US$ 24.991w
PsychobreakXbox OneJPN sold
The Evil Within (English)Xbox OneASIA US$ 49.992-4d

PlayStation®3: US/EU - Oct 14  ASIA - Oct 15  JPN - Oct 23

PsychobreakPlayStation 3JPN US$ 23.9924h
The Evil WithinPlayStation 3EUR sold
The Evil WithinPlayStation 3US sold
The Evil Within (English)PlayStation 3ASIA sold
The Evil Within (Chinese Sub)PlayStation 3ASIA sold

Xbox 360™: US/EU - Oct 14  ASIA - Oct 15  JPN - Oct 23

PsychobreakXbox360JPN sold
The Evil WithinXbox360EUR US$ 19.992-4w
The Evil WithinXbox360US US$ 22.991w
The Evil Within (English)Xbox360ASIA sold

PC DVD-ROM: US/EU - Oct 14  ASIA - Oct 15

The Evil Within (DVD-ROM)PC CD-ROMEUR sold
The Evil Within (DVD-ROM)PC CD-ROMUS sold
The Evil Within (DVD-ROM) (English)PC CD-ROMASIA US$ 52.992-4d

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