17. Oct, 2003 16:01 (HKT)

Evio - The Electronic Violin from Tomy - The ideal Christmas Gift

Ever dreamt of playing violin in a big orchestra? Eye in eye with Vanessa Mae? In front of your TV set or standalone? Tomy brings us the Evio - An electronic entertainment violin, and trust us, we had lots of fun trying it out! Get ready for enjoyable hours with your family and friends with this great christmas gift - just a TV set is recommended (not even needed!) - no video game system required. Click on the pictures to see a larger image.

The violin comes in a quite huge box - inside you can find the violin itself, the violin bow and the AV cable to connect it to your TV set (NTSC standard). 4 songs are alrady built-in, but we recommend to check out the other titles below as those songs are primarily there for demonstrational reasons.

After putting in any of the available music cartridges switch it on with a button on the back. There are two modes available - TV out mode and standalone. Standalone is intersting if you already memorized some of the songs (or know them already) and do not need to see the melody anymore.

The violin itself is nicely made - it's made of high quality plastic as well as the bow that uses magnetic/optical pickup to 'tell' the violin in what direction you move it over the instrument.

So how to actually play the violin?
Actually, it's simple. All you have is the movement of the bow over the violin (and directional changes thereof) and a button on your left (or if you are left handed right) hand position. Then stroking the bow over the violin in the given rhythm. Viola!

It sounds very easy but it isn't. However, the whole instrument feels very 'real'. The response from the 'controller' is very good and even you need practice at first we managed to get into 'S' (Ranking S, could probably mean 'Superior' ;) ) after a couple of training sessions (though, to admit, in 1-star - easiest mode)

There are different game modes, like 'concourse', 'orchestra', 'solo'. Then you are prompted to select a song of different difficulty levels. As mentioned, 4 songs are built-in, each additional cartridge holds 10 songs of different difficulty.

It's actually that you really have to act like you play it to the music. As much as Dance Dance Revolution games it relies that you keep rhythm with the music and it actually make a lot of fun. When the item was delivered to us all our employees actually crowded around the TV screen to check what it is all about. Even our non-DDR freaks who wouldn't ever play other music games couldn't resist to try it out.

There is a couple of game cartridges available.
  • I Love Classic 2
  • Hard Song 1
  • Evio Selection 02
  • Pokemon Advanced Generation
    Each of them retails for US$24.90

    We made two videos so you can check out how it is to play the game.
    It's a small world (Evio Selection 02) (approx. 11MB)
    Blue Sky (Pokemon Advanced Generation) (approx. 16MB)

    The Evio Violin is in stock ready to ship within 24 hrs and retails for US$78.90 only.

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