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Executive Assault 2 STEAM digital

Compatible with Windows™, Mac™
Region Free
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Executive Assault 2
Executive Assault 2
Executive Assault 2
Executive Assault 2
Executive Assault 2
Executive Assault 2
Executive Assault 2


  • Play as one of three distinct factions.
  • Build an asteroid base with over 70 different structures.
  • Establish command outposts and expand with buildings to control sectors.
  • Construct and control customizable starships, and engage in tactical battles on a grand scale.
  • Multiplayer mode supporting up to 4 CEO companies.
  • Engage with up to 3 AI-driven CEOs.
  • Manufacture robots and mechs to help guard your base in invade others.
  • Mine asteroids for valuable resources with each faction having their own unique method.
  • Manufacture and trade goods to earn promotions and unlock new tech.
  • Prioritize power management within your installations.
  • Delve into a large tech tree.
  • Enhance station turrets for optimal defence.
  • Launch invasions on space stations via dropships or gateways.
  • Witness the destruction of entire star systems.
  • Delve in espionage and resource theft.
  • Craft your galaxy with the map editor.
  • Personalize your company with a custom logo and determine your goods.


The RTS/FPS phenomenon has moved into space! Build your base on an asteroid, command fleets of starships for epic battles, pilot fighters, mine and trade resources, assemble robots to defend or assault other stations. Take sole command or share the glory as you fight for control of the quadrant.

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