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Explore ancient Persia: Prince of Persia, open the door to dreams - Kaze no Klonoa, Unseal Shibuya - Fusa sareta Shibuya, step into the ring - Hajime no Ippo DS & more!

The Prince and the action have arrived on your next generation platforms and the battle of good against evil has never been so exciting. Depending on how you carry out your quests, different branches of the intricate plot will be revealed, now get ready and jump into the sprawling labyrinth that is ancient Persia.

Game Features: The critically acclaimed Prince of Persia franchise returns for the first time on next-generation platforms with an all-new epic journey.

Escape to experience the new fantasy world of ancient Persia. Masterful storytelling and sprawling environments deliver a brand new adventure that re-opens the Prince of Persia saga.

Now you have the freedom to determine how the game evolves in this non-linear adventure. Players will decide how they unfold the storyline by choosing their path in the open-ended world.

In this strange land, your rogue warrior must utilize all of his skills, along with a whole new combat system, to battle Ahriman’s corrupted lieutenants to heal the land from the dark Corruption and restore the light.

Also, history's greatest ally is revealed in the form of Elika, a dynamic AI companion who joins the Prince in his fight to save the world.

Gifted with magical powers, she interacts with the player in combat, acrobatics and puzzle-solving, enabling the Prince to reach new heights of deadly high-flying artistry through special duo acrobatic moves or devastating fighting combo attacks.

The bundle of excitement is available on:

Prince of PersiaJPN US$ 19.99 1-5d
Prince of PersiaUS US$ 33.90 5-15d
Prince of PersiaASIA N/A sold

Prince of PersiaJPN US$ 29.99 1-5d
Prince of PersiaASIA N/A sold
Prince of PersiaUS N/A sold

PC Game
Prince of Persia (DVD-ROM)ASIA US$ 42.90 1-5d
Prince of Persia (DVD-ROM)US US$ 32.90 1-2w

Guide Books
Prince of Persia Collector's Edition: Prima Official Game GuideUS US$ 34.90 5-15d
Prince of Persia: Prima Official Game GuideUS N/A sold

The US next generation versions are arriving soon while the Japanese Xbox360™ version is set to release on 18th of December and the PlayStation3™ on 22nd of January. The Asian PC version is arriving on 5th December and the US version is out on the 9th.

Besides third generation consoles, Nintendo DS™, the most popular handheld system gets a new Prince of Persia adventure as well, hold it in your palms and immerse into the adventure wherever and whenever you like.

From the publisher: Prince of Persia: The Fallen King expands the epic journey with an independent storyline, exclusive on DS.

The Fallen King utilizes the unique stylus controls to deliver the extraordinary acrobatic and combat action of the Prince of Persia franchise.

Prince of Persia: The Fallen KingASIA N/A sold
Prince of Persia: The Fallen KingUS US$ 19.99 1-2w

While the Asian version has arrived, the US version is on its way.

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Phantomile is a world created out of dreams by the moon god, that's why as soon as people wake up, they forget their dreams. But what will happen when people have nightmares?

One day, Kuronoa, a boy who lives in Freegal, the village of wind had a nightmare, and for some reason, this did not disappear like the other dreams.

Just at that moment, he saw a space ship crash landed on the Bell mountains. His nightmare is coming true. Is that a bad omen after all?

But the curiosity in the boy won out eventually. With his friend, the Ring Spirit Hupo in tow, the two set off on their exciting action adventure. As the resident of the village of Wind, Kuronoa can do wind attacks and high jumps. Run, skip and leap, grab onto enemies and use them as a projectile weapons against others.

With simple controls and concepts, this is a game which the whole family can enjoy together.

Open your Door to Phantomile on your Nintendo Wii™. Kaze no Klonoa is available as a Japanese version for US$ 49.90 only.

This is a rare occurrence where a visual novel game gets a full 40/40 score in Famitsu Weekly. Instead of using anime/manga like characters, this title makes use of real life people and mixed computer graphics with animations.

These all combined to seep you into the game world and bring you an excitement that you will not get in watching a movie or drama alone.

The story starts with a kidnapping within the Shibuya district. As the case gets more and more complicated, a number of unrelated people ends up being involved. There is a policeman, an ex-gangster, a virus researcher, a hothead veteran writer and a person dressed in a cat doll suit.

As the fates of these people interweaves tighter and tighter around each other, more dirty secrets are revealed and eventually everything gets out of hand. To clear up the mess, its up to you to make the right choices.

Depending on your selection, different storylines can be unlocked. With the complex and engaging plot and countless possibilities, this is a visual novel that deserves to be played repeatedly.

Unseal Shibuya on your Nintendo Wii™ and fall head long into the mess. 428: Fuusa Sareta Shibuya de is available as a Japanese version for US$ 64.90 only.

The game is completely in Japanese with the inclusion of quite a bit of kanji, therefore it is recommended to those who are confident in their level of Japanese.

The top selling boxing manga Hajime no Ippo illustrates the growth of the pushover Makunouchi Ippo. Through the sport, the boy matured both in spirit and in body.

By meeting other boxers in the ring, he found both his way in life and purpose.

Now you don't have to be a passive spectator, step into the ring in the Challenge Mode with Ippo and experience the eye opening matches he went through.

Besides the matches in the series, you can arrange games with your friends through the wi-fi facility of the DS.

There is an abundance of minigames that will affect your player character's attributes such as reflexes and attack power, be sure to try them all out and max your stats before the great game.

Pick a fight with anyone in the roster in the Free Match Mode, you can expand the roster by defeating more and more opponents in the Challenge Mode.

Try out in boxing and see if you can find your way through life via the sport.

Get into the boxing ring. Hajime no Ippo: The Fighting! DS is available as a Japanese version for US$ 48.90 only.

This is the ultimate mafia party. As if the actual series isn't comedic enough, the eccentric cast has to go out of their respective ways to make you laugh.

Get to know more about the characters and see the sides that they would hide with all their might in the original series.

Test your knowledge of the characters and play a game of spot the differences, see how skillful you are with the DS's controls when you chase a burglar down with a flash light. In this mini-game compilation, you'd get some simple fun that is suitable for everybody, from the primary school children to the elderly.

The Mafia party with the Kateikyou Hitman Reborn cast is opened on your Nintendo DS™, so get involved now. Mafia Daishuugou Bongole Festival is available for US$ 48.90 only.

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It has been 6 months since Kat-Tun released their last dance number Don't You Ever Stop. This newest release is a Christmas present for all their fans who has been waiting patiently for this single and other people who are having problems choosing the right present for their loved ones for this holiday season.

Instead of adopting a pop and fast paced rock or dance style which they excel at, the chart topping boyband tries their hand at a mellow love ballad that illustrates loneliness and nostalgia for past Christmases.

However, under all these melancholic feelings, the song gives a sense of hope that fits in perfectly with the atmosphere of Christmas.

The DVD that comes with the CD+DVD Edition records the beautiful music video of White X'mas and the making-of process. See more of your idols by getting yourself a copy.

White X'mas [CD+DVD Limited Edition]JPN N/A sold
White X'mas [Limited Pressing]JPN N/A sold

This voluminous twin CD album is an all stars and all songs collection from Sunrise's hit mecha series Macross Frontier. Besides the theme songs such as Triangular and Lion, all character songs, such as Sheryl Nome's and Ranka Lee's are included.

Listen to the powerful and melodious voice of May'n, the singing voice of Sheryl Nome and the new renditions of classic Macross hits such as Ai Oboete Imasuka by Ranka Lee. It has been a while since Yoko Kanno, a renowned anime music composer, and Maaya Sakamoto, the popular seiyuu/singer cooperate.

See, and hear the fireworks these people create in one go from Macross Frontier: Nyantama for US$ 36.90 only.

Mario Smash Brothers on Nintendo Wii brought quite a lot of the company's interesting titles back to life. One of these revivals is the strategic RPG Fire Emblem which stars one of the strongest fighters in the Wii title, Prince Marus.

To fuel the sense of nostalgia, the soundtrack will incorporate all the classic elements in the previous Fire Emblem games with upgrades and additions of newly composed pieces that are to go with extra plotlines and battles. Strategy, chivalry and gallantry are still there, just reach out and grasp it.

The Soundtrack for the newest Fire Emblem game is available for US$ 21.90 only.

Also in stock today:

Nintendo Wii™
Cooking Mama 2: Taihen! Mama wa Ooisogashi!!JPN US$ 19.99 24h
Wii SpeakJPN US$ 6.99 1-5d

Nintendo DS™
Blazer DriveJPN N/A sold
Chou!! Nep League DSJPN US$ 39.90 1w
Drawn to Life: Kamisama no MarionetteJPN US$ 19.99 1w
Eiyuu Senki LeavadeinJPN US$ 24.99 1-5d
Hisshou Pachinko*Pachi-Slot Kouryaku Series DS Vol. 3: Shinseiki Evangelion - Yakusoku no TokiJPN US$ 14.99 1w
Itouke no Shokutaku DSJPN US$ 19.99 1w
Kikiite Hajimaru: Eigo Kaiwa Training - KikiToreJPN US$ 48.99 1w
Kirihara Shoten Kanshuu: Daigakusei Ryoku Kentei DSJPN US$ 14.99 1w
Mori no Cafeteria DS: Oshare na Cafe RecipeJPN US$ 37.99 1-5d
Motto Hayaku! Seikaku Ni! Suu Sense Keisan Ryuoku Up Training - SuuToreJPN N/A sold
Princess on IceJPN US$ 21.90 1-2w
Sekai no Gohan Shaberu! DS Oryouri NaviJPN US$ 9.99 1-5d

New toy arrivals:

Gears of War Series 2 Lancer GunUS N/A sold
Gears of War Series 2 Pre-Painted Action Figure: Locust Drone (Limited Figure)US N/A sold
Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuutsu 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Suzumiya HaruhiJPN N/A sold

An excerpt of Japanese music and movie update:

Jesus (~Gackt)JPN US$ 11.90 5-15d
The Magic Hour [Blu-ray+DVD] (~Koichi Sato, Satoshi Tsumabuki, ...)JPN US$ 66.90 5-15d
Toshokan Senso Vol.5 (~Akira Ishida, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, ...)JPN US$ 56.90 5-15d


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