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Exploring Gemea? You bet!

Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles
PlayStation®4 | Genre: Open-world exploration
Release date: July 18, 2017 | Price: US$19.99

Ever since its discover, the island of Gemea have fascinated millions of people like no other spot on Earth. Men has been fascinated by its rough, ethereal, beauty populated by spectacular and unique wildlife.
In Gemea you can see how life began, slowly taking shape on the harsh and inhospitable lava flows. Its isolation allowed a plethora of creatures to evolve, leading to some amazing flora & fauna seen nowhere else in the world, making it through the centuries one of the most beautiful islands ever known. Divided in 8 different environments, the reputation of Gemea islands spread, and many people would live following its calmer, and slower lifestyle.

Now, all of this is possible thanks to “Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles” for PlayStation 4! Playing as a young native, you’ll interact with several residents of the island helping them in various activities such as fishing, farming, crafting, brewing, cooking, and more. Each person has a different personality, with different issues to solve. Obviously, communication is the key to success, and more you’ll interact with the people more they’ll trust you giving you precious items, useful resources or simply money.

All of them were kindhearted, but since the evil force called Murk has arrived, the people become endured over the years. Many legends tell of a Golden Age in which men lived like gods without sorrow of heart, and plants fruit abundantly without stint. Your main mission is travel extensively across the whole island to restore those prosperous times, and make the people happy once again.

If you are looking for something new or different and enjoy adventures lovely filled with puzzles, explorations, and interesting battles, try “Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles”! Its massive open-world gameplay system will give you countless hours of entertainment, and great quests that let you discover all the mysteries deeply hidden in there…

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