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EXPLOSION!!! Megumin Joins the Nendoroid Party!!

Nendoroid No. 725 Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Syukufuku wo! 2: Megumin (JPN) sold

EXPLOSION!!!!!! That's the spell of choice for Good Smile's next character to receive an adorable Nendoroid figure! From the hilariously silly series "Kono Subarashii Sakai Ni Shukufu Wo!", comes the cute archwizard with only one spell in her skill book, Megumin~

Come, now, and walk the path of explosions with me! 

The popular franchise originally started as a web novel series written by Natsumi Akatsuki has spawned several adaptations over light novels, manga, and anime. The story follows Kazuma Sato, a heartbroken 16-year-old video game obsessed shut-in, who dies from an acute stress (over)reaction. When he died, he was greeted by the Water Goddess, Aqua, to be sent to the RPG world. However, she told him he could bring one thing with him, and to her horror he picked her. Over their misadventures, they eventually meet Megumin who manages to blackmail her way into their party after a gooey run-in with some giant frogs. From there, they continue their adventures, picking up new party members, as they quest to defeat the Demon King. Just one little problem, these "heroes", not exactly the smartest bunch.

Megumin's wizardy appearance is wonderfully recreated in the Nendoroid style, from her large wizard's hat to her fluttering cape, both of which are removable for added posing options. She'll come with three faceplates, her standard smiling face, a more serious face she makes when casting EXPLOSION!!, and a nervous, bashful face. She also comes with a number of hand parts, including one she holds her staff with which shows her index and pinky fingers extended!! Speaking of her staff, it will also have a changeable part to use when spells are being cast, and the figure comes with effects parts too! She also has an additional hair part that has an effect for her eye while wearing an eyepatch. Because eye patches are cool, I guess? Lastly, she'll have the usual Nendoroid stand.

With all these parts, you'll be able to put her into many different cool and/or cute poses. Actually, if you take her bashful face and certain hand parts you'll be able to recreate the scene where Kazuma used his Steal Skill to steal 
Megumin's panties! AND if you use the lower body of Aqua's Nendoroid you'll be able to make it even more accurate as Aqua's Nendoroid doesn't have any pa-EXPLOOOOOOSIONED!!!

Nendoroid is just too cute to pass up, she's expected to be released on  August 31st but pre-orders close on March 1st. Be sure to pre-order to ensure she joins your party. 

Nendoroid No. 725 Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Syukufuku wo! 2: Megumin (JPN) sold

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