23. Jul, 2003 13:17 (HKT)

F-Zero GX not 100% compatible with Datel's Freeloader - screenshots & videos inside

After several rumours which we read on the Internet, we have now tested running F-Zero GX on an American as well as PAL Game Cube™ machine while booting up with Datel's Freeloader disc. We have tried all 3 boot methods and came up with the same weird results on all our Cubes:

F-Zero GX starts to boot up and certain text menus suddenly appear in English language (while the game would usually display Japanese text menus), however the main menu points are missing completely and you have to guess through it until you can start a race. When playing the game itself, certain things such as speed & lap indicator are missing completely which makes it rather difficult to play the game.

We have made 2 videos that show the game running first in Japanese, then in English mode to demonstrate the differences.

We certainly apologize for the inconvenience caused to everyone running the game using a Freeloader, we were also not aware of this problem until today. We hope that Datel can revise their Freeloader version in the near future and we will offer a special deal for everyone who has purchased the game and FreeLoader from us.

On a side note, F-Zero GX will run fine on American machines modified to play Japanese games, a good alternative options for gamers in the US.

Check out some screenshots as well as videos below:

F-Zero JP (JP console)

F-Zero JP (US console)

Video: Running on Japanese GameCube (approx. 9mb)
Video: Running on US GameCube via FreeLoader (approx. 6.8mb)

We want to stress out the fact that there still could be a boot method for Freeloader & F-Zero that solves these problems however the boot methods we have tried did not work out.

Finally, for all of your who can't wait to play the game, we've put a video up that shows the first two stages.
Video: In game 2 stages (approx. 42mb, fixed)



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