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Famitsu Crows Review Praises Character Creation, But Disappointed in Lack of Facial Expressions

Crows: Burning Edge
PlayStation®4 l Release Date: October 27th 2016

Crows Burning Edge (PlayStation 4™, JPN)US$ 64.99 1w
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This week's Famitsu magazine contains a review for the upcoming Crows: Burning Edge PS4 game. In their review they praise the character customization along with a counter attack feature called "Abandon", but criticizes the lack of facial expressions and more.

Check out the translated material below:

[Target Audience]
* Fans of the manga in their 20’s or 30’s
* Fans of Beat em Up’s

[Gameplay Length]
* 20 Hours to Clear
* 30 Hours Total for 100%

Yoshida (7):
Fans of the original Crows manga will definitely need to check this out, you’ll be able to experience the stories of the Four Emperors as well as having fun with your own created character. There is a unique in-battle counter attack called “Abandon” which is really an interesting part of the battle itself.

Onto the bad points; honestly the event scenes feel lifeless, characters don’t change facial expressions as they attack and there is no real feeling of power as you beat down the opponents around you, which greatly disappointed me.

Ashida (6):
I was very excited that was able to control Bouya Harumichi, the other members of the Four Emperors as well as my very own custom character and experience their stories in game form, however, I was disappointed seeing that event scenes are mere static scenes with no life what-so-ever. The "Abandon" system is entertaining, stopping the opponent’s attacks dead in its tracks and performing strong follow up combos to down each and every one of my enemies felt so satisfying.

You can only rely on certain set attacks and even later there is a lack of freedom with creating your characters original move set.

Namuko (7):
The game has a very simple control scheme; the action has weight behind it being slow to an extent which fits this type of game. The game's soundtrack is filled with a Hard Rock style which really hypes you up in and out of battle. The characters are unique from each other, however each and every character does lack from a variety of said moves which will make the game repetitive and dull quite soon in. Finally, the movement speed is very monotonous however the feeling of bloodthirst the characters give off in the game gave me chills down my spine.

BunBunMaru (6):
The characters look like their escaped the manga as the system used to design them is amazing, however, there are a lack of expressions from the characters faces during battle. Not just the characters, but how the characters/worlds looks and story was created really shows the charm of the Crows world perfectly. Sadly, as a beat em up game it does lack in battles which can get very boring very quick which is disappointing due to what it could have been and it really does not feel like a PS4 title at all.

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