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Famitsu Gives Their Impressions of Reco Love: Blue Ocean/Gold Beach

Reco Love: Blue Ocean/Gold Beach
PS Vita [Love Simulator] Release: JPN - October 20, 2016
Reco Love Gold Beach (PlayStation Vita, JPN) US$ 32.99 24h
Reco Love Blue Ocean (PlayStation Vita, JPN) US$ 49.99 1w

This week's Famitsu magazine contains impressions on the upcoming Reco Love: Blue Ocean/Gold Beach games that are set to release on October 20th. In their impressions, they mention if you try to do a photo shoot immediately with one of the girls they will push you away. Players will have to earn their way in by talking to them and getting to know them. Towards the end, they mention that the chats and events can get steamy, which is a given with the CERO D (17+) rating.

Check out the translated material below:

The objective of Reco Love is simple; the player is a 2nd year High School kid who becomes a member of the VR Club as well as meet a couple of beautiful girls while photographing them in various situations, gaining a stronger bond and finally, on the last day, confessing the player's love for one of them.

Reco Love: Blue Ocean Impressions:

As soon as the game started, we ran into our heroine Miu and after asking her to join us for a record session she hastily declined. At first, there were a lot of times where she even pushed away when we tried to start a chat with Miu. I felt troubled at first, but then I listened to my little sister’s advice which was "in order to sit down and chat, you will need make an impression on her otherwise she will not agree to allow you to record video of her." Due to this, I managed to find something to make an impression on her which raised her meter and also showed the areas where our heroine would likely make an appearance at on our map.

In Blue Ocean, you are part of the "Cute Movie Club", taking videos/photos of our main heroine Sagara Miu among others such as the Movie Clubs Manager Gozen Nagisa.  I managed to raise Miu’s impressions gauge which I was happy about…until I found out that in doing so seemed to upset Nagisa a bit, haha. The great part of the game is that even if every day you ask the same question to the girls, you will always get a unique answer every time! I found this astounding!!

After learning some actions such as "Show" and "Hold Hands" I managed to increase the gauge allowing different results during my photo sessions etc. Once you get to a certain level you will even be able to request certain poses and expressions during your shoots which add a whole lot to the game!

Reco Love: Gold Beach Impressions:

I used to play the previous version "Photo Kano",  but through playing this I have seen that the game has made a giant step in its evolution process. This game still plays very similar where you could take pictures of the heroines from all sorts of angles in all sorts of poses..which made it a game that you should never show your mother…

The game is very erotically charged also with it having a CERO D rating (17+) it can get a little exciting, but quite adult at points (mostly through chats and certain events).

One of the better points of the game comes from the very short load times which is spectacular when you look at how graphically beautiful the game is for the system. It was such a smooth experience and I hope you all agree with me as we all play together in the hopes of taking the sexiest shots of all the girls!!

Reco Sessions:

In Reco Session there are two types of Camera Modes; "Finder Mode" where you can press various buttons in order to adjust your lens between shoots & “Gyro Mode” where you use the Vita itself as if you were holding an actual Camera!

Bound-Up Chats:

In "Bound-Up Chats", you have a variety of different questions to ask the girls. By asking the right questions depending on the female the "Counts" begin to rise. Once filled, you will be treated to a free event!
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