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Famitsu Goes In-depth on Gundam Versus Closed Beta Playable Modes

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The latest Famitsu magazine revealed a ton of new information on the Gundam Versus Closed Beta and listed the playable modes in detail. We also have translated the conent as well as some of the menus we found on the screenshots of the scans. You can check out the moutain of information on Gundam Versus below!

The 12 mechs from the alpha version also join the fray in the closed beta!

Full armor Gundam
Gundam Barbatos
Gundam Kyrios
Gundam Exia
Unicorn Gundam

Wing Gundam Zero
V Gundam

Introducing the 4 modes available in the closed beta!

In the closed beta test, there are 4 modes available to play. Trial battle and free battle are single player modes where players can practice and get used to the various systems in play. However, ultimate match and player match both involve online play.

Of course, as with the rest of the “Kidou senshi Gundam VS” series, players can look forward to competitive play as well. Everyone taking part in this limited beta test should start thinking about how to best spend their time!!

1st Playable Mode in Closed Beta Test:
Ultimate battle: Complete each mission while strengthening your mech!

In this mode, you will continually make your mech stronger as you battle a rode of enemies to clear the course. You could say this is a mode made for speed runners, but the most unique feature here is in having another rival to fight you when this is selected in online play!

You may also play 3-on-3 battles, or have up to 6 players participate in boss hunter battles, a level of intense action yet to be seen in the series.

Obtain battle points by clearing the level, and make your mech progressively stronger. Reach for the highest rank!

Ultimate battle features
As you defeat your foes, an extra rival will appear in the various modes on offer, including “3on3” and “Boss hunter.”

You may choose between “solo play” and “online play” when selecting your sortie. If you select “online play,” an extra rival with up to 6 other players will engage in online warfare.

The retail version also includes:
Multiple difficulty settings and course selection (the closed beta only includes 1 course available for play)
The most difficult course will be available after release and will be ranked, allowing you to compete worldwide
Co-op play with your friends online 

2nd Playable Mode in Closed Beta Test:
Practice combat in Trial battle

Choose your favorite mech and fight against a computer, clearing the stage in this single player mode. This is the best place to learn how to use your mech’s techniques. In the retail version you will be able to utilize various themes, motifs, and new routes, with more to be added with future updates.

The retail version also includes:
Using motifs and the various routes with every available Gundam (the closed beta test has 1 route available for play)
A practice mode that lets you fight against specific mobile suits?!
Mechs in their relevant routes will of course stay true to their original forms, making it possible to create what-if scenarios that answer the question, “What would happen if this MS were in this battle?”

Main Menu (From What We Were Able to Make Out on The Magzine):
Ultimate battle
Trial battle
Free battle
Player match

Closed Beta Test Additional Info 1:
This closed beta test will be made available for Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and South Korea. However, the first phase of this test will be just for Japan, with the other countries joining in phases 2 and 3. Take the fight worldwide and obtain the title of “world’s best MS pilot”! 

3rd Playable Mode in Closed Beta Test:
Freely adjustable Practice Mode, Free Battle

Along with your Mecha suit and stage, you are able to choose among various factors in these modes, including mech characteristics and difficulty, and then play single-player against a computer. There are no special victory conditions or other set goals, but to simply send out your mech and battle it out like a traditional fighting game.

Available mech types include the straightforward attacking “Striker,” as well as the “Booster-Type” who can cancel aerial moves and dive towards the ground at high speed. These mechs, along with the new gameplay systems, can all be mastered through practice mode. It can be especially helpful to practice with strikers, in order to figure out the highest damage combos, which attacks to use within a combo, and find the mech best suited for you.

The Retail Version also Includes:
BGM selection (this will not be available in the closed beta)

Option Settings:

Boost gauge amount
Initial kakusei [TR1] gauge amount
Maximum kakusei  gauge amount
A team battle gauge
B team battle gauge

Freely select your teammate, opponents, their strength, and which striker type to use, then have at it! Create the most over-the-top battle you can, and polish your striker’s skills to the limit!

4th Playable Mode in Closed Beta Test:
Worldwide Player Matches

The “Kidou Senshi Gundam VS.” series is at its core a fight among players! Freely choose among various settings to create your game, search for a player, and take the fight online. You can also create a room with your customized settings and wait for players as well, or look for a friend’s room specifically.

Rooms can also be made to search for players worldwide, making this worldwide “Gundam Versus” a chance to gain new comrades—and new rivals –across all national barriers.  Whether you’re looking to become the best of the best, or a casual first timer excited to give it a try, there is something for everyone to be found here.

About player matches:
You can make or search for rooms of up to 18 people, and do 2-on-2 battles online
You can make rooms specifically to play with international players

The Retail Version also Includes:
More detailed settings for both room creation and room searching (only a limited number of settings are available in the closed beta)

Selecting Room Policy:

First timers                               Setting for new players
Intermediate                             For intermediate players
Advanced                                 For advanced players
Ranked                                    For the pros
Free battle                               A friendly match
Practice                                   Let’s practice!
Friend battle                            Battle with your friends                               

Available settings when making a room. Set various conditions here, including total participants and individual team settings.

Room settings:

Room policy                            Free fight
Room name                            Closed beta test
Room message                       Nice to meet you!
Max players                            12
Room type                             Team shuffle
Country – region                    

Closed Beta Test Additional Info:

While the close beta will occur in three stages, please be aware that which mechs you may use in each phase will change. Each phase will contain 20 playable mechs, and 4 game modes. Play everything each phase has to offer to complete the closed beta test experience.

Available mechs in the retail version will be released to the public at a later time, so please look forward to new fighters!

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