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Famitsu Magazine Reveals Four New Fear Factors in Resident Evil 7

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Famitsu magazine revealed a couple of interesting tidbits for the upcoming Resident Evil 7 game. They have listed four "Fear Factors" that the game will have such as certain A.I. behaviors, weapon usage, useful/useless items and more.

Check out the translation below:
Weekly Famitsu No. 1458 (2016 11/24) (JPN) sold

The world famous Resident Evil series just got a lot scarier with Capcom’s brand new “RE Engine” specifically created for Resdient Evil 7. This engine allows a more detailed environment allowing players to feel further enveloped into the game (e.g. creating detailed rotten places in order to make the player understand how disgusting the smell of a place is, further breaking the barriers of gaming).

Mold grows around the doors as well as holes from the size of a mouse to a fully sized human being.

Not only that, but remember to be on the lookout for video tapes and VCR’s in order to learn more about what has happened prior to your arrival.

Remember when RE had an Item box in order to save items...it looks like RE7 may have one too…well let’s wait and see shall we?

Enjoy the four brand new components that RE7 will bring to the game via the new “RE Engine”!

Fear Factor #1: As the player searches their current area, they can slowly understand what kind of enemy is after them and how far will they go to search for the player. Maybe you’ll come across someone who just takes a quick look and sometimes you may find someone who wants to look under and over every surface.

Fear Factor #2: There will be a variety of weapons that you will be able to use on the enemy. Make sure you know what you’re doing as even taking down an enemy with a gun or a loud sounding weapon may cause other characters to run towards the noise’s location. Certain characters may come up behind you with a destructive punch.  It won’t kill you, but you better be ready to take down that enemy ASAP!

Fear Factor #3:  RE7 is set in a very rarely visited town in the southern American state of Louisiana. The player will need to get through a variety of locked rooms and so you will need to search every nook and cranny throughout the game in order to find the right key or item to open each and every room.

Remember, you need to find the exit to get away from the evil. Yes, it’ll be fun searching for the right items in order to escape, but don’t forget that you will need to pay attention to your surroundings!

Sometimes you’ll be hit with some retro items such as 90’s telephones or having to use items with other items, even if they’re not helpful themselves they will give off very interesting hints! Maybe you’ll light up a certain area/object and it gives you a hint to your current dilemma; like all Resident Evil games, try and combine every item in dire situations.

Fear Factor #4: When you're searching for the exit, you’ll be picking up various items; it may be a gun, bullets, and hand axes among other weapons. You’ll also find herbs and other healing items or even keys that open specific doors. There are many items that will help in advancing the game and you’ll need to figure out what you truly need and what items you will have to leave behind. Although don’t just throw the items away, try and combine every single item as they may be of more help than you originally thought. There are some items you will not need but you never know unless you try and combine every item in your inventory.

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