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Famitsu Magazine Reveals Wyald As a Playable Character When You Defeat Him in Berserk Musou

PlayStation®4, PlayStation®3, PS®Vita [Hack 'N Slash] Release: Sept 21, 2016

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Berserk Musou (Japanese) (PlayStation Vita, ASIA)  sold

The latest Famitsu magazine revealed some new information on the playable character Wyald as well as a couple of other enemies such as Adon Coborlwitz, Grunbeld, Boscogn and some Femto teasing! You can check out the following translation below!

Straight from Koei we have some more tasty information regarding a brand new playable character as well as some NPC characters/enemies that you will encounter in Berserk Warriors!!

First up, our brand new playable character; Wyald, the Simian faced Apostle and leader of the Black Dog Knights (voiced by Kawamoto Kunihiro).

Wyald also has a “Transformation” action which allows you to transform into his Apostle Form! With this you will be able to lay waste to your opponents much faster! He's a boss character before you unlock him and you get to control him yourself! That is if you can withstand the power of his Apostle form.

Apart from Wyald what other threats will stand in the way of Guts and the others?

First up, we have the self-proclaimed ruler of Koka Town; the Snake Baron. Will you be able to face his Apostle form head on? I mean, he does feed on prisoners… just make sure he doesn’t feed on you.

Next up is the Great Flame Dragon/member of Griffiths Neo Band of the Hawk; Grunbeld. Standing at three metres tall, this Apostle and leader of Giants may give Guts a run for his money in the giant weapons department.

The Kushan fighter and leader of the Bakiraka clan Silat alongside his iron whip-like sword is devastating at mid-range.

We're not done yet as two famous members of the Battle of Doldrey, the General of the Blue Whale Knights; Adon Coborlwitz & the feared commander of the Purple Rhino Knights; Boscogn both attempt to stand in Guts way as well in Berserk Musou!

Our final enemy character is a big one, the fifth member of the God Hand and Griffith's transformation; Femto. Not much is known of how strong he will be in game… but I'm willing to bet that that we will be experiencing the dark and devastating power of Femto in game!!
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