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Famitsu Reveals Gundam Versus Closed Alpha Test Details

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Gundam Versus news has been pretty scarce, but fret not! This week's Famitsu contained information on the recent closed alpha test which lists the playable suits, details on certain suits strengths and weaknesses and three new changes to the "Versus System".
Weekly Famitsu No. 1463 (2016 12/29) (JPN) sold

Check out the translated material below:

Today we are going to showcase some brand new information from Gundam Versus’ recent closed alpha test!

First of all, there were 12 available Mobile Suits to control during the Alpha from the beginning to recent Suits. Below you’ll find all 12 playable suits:

Gun Cannon
V Gundam
Wing Gundam Zero
Unicorn Gundam
Gundam Exia
Gundam Kyrios
Gundam Barbatos
Full Armor Gundam

Out of the above Gundam, three of them really caught our eye.

The first Mobile Suit we found remarkably interesting is Gun Cannon. It’s been a while since Gun Cannon has been made playable.

It may have lack in range, but at mid-range, Gun Cannon can deal immense damage. Not only that, but as a boost type suit it can hastily ascend to get out of danger or even to get into perfect range.

Next up is Gundam Kyrios; a first for a Gundam game.  With the power to fire an abundance of missiles and amazing speed in close combat. Kyrios is truly amazing suit that can be considered overpowered. Not only can it change into Flight form, but it can rain down bombs in this form to really disable the opponent. It will take players a while to fully master this suit.

Finally, we have Gundam Barbatos; probably the scariest Suit to be against when it comes to close range; swinging either its Mace or long sword!  The mace can really damage the opponent and do a number on its defence.

Now we are going to explain three big new changes to the “Versus” system!

#1: There are three new “Boost Actions” that you can cancel your movements into: Boost Step, Boost Dash & Boost Dive.

Boost Step is a simple dash during movement to get towards or away from the enemy, Boost Dash uses up your gauge quicker as you quickly dash around the field. Lastly, the brand new type of boost, the “Boost Dive”, allows you to quickly vertically descend.

#2: Secondly we have the “Striker” system where you choose a secondary suit to either deal long range or close range damage for a short time. Certain Main & Striker suits can be created from the original material!

#3: Finally, there is a “Final Chance System”; the system has two different types to choose from!
Firstly there is “Blaze Gear” which gives you various effects such as “Compliance” amongst others.
“Blaze Gear” last a short while but deals devastating damage so you may have a chance to overpower the opponent easily!

The second type is known as “Lightening Gear” which gives the character the ability to lock onto the opponent amongst other effects.  Using this “Final Chance” allows you to focus on your technique in order to defeat the opponent.

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