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Famitsu Translated Review Reveals Reco Love: Blue Ocean/Gold Beach Takes 60 Hours to Complete

Reco Love: Blue Ocean/Gold Beach
PS Vita [Love Simulator] Release: JPN - October 20, 2016
Reco Love Gold Beach (PlayStation Vita, JPN) US$ 49.99 1w
Reco Love Blue Ocean (PlayStation Vita, JPN) US$ 49.99 1w

This week's Famitsu contains a review for the upcoming title Reco Love: Blue Ocean/Gold Beach. In the review, they reveal that it takes 10 hours to perfect your connection with each girl which totals the clock time to 60 hours. Towards the end of the interview, there seems to be conflicting reports on the number of poses the girls can do in a photo shoot. One praises that there are a variety of poses to use, while the other says there aren't enough.

Check out the translation below:

Target Audience:
* A fan of Love Simulations/Girl games
* If you enjoy the PS Vitas unique functions in games

Gameplay Time:
* It takes around 10 Hours to perfect your connection with just 1 of the girls.
* It takes around 60 hours (10 hours per heroine) to perfect your connection with all 6 girls.

Kuroda (9):
If you’ve played the game “Photo Kano” then this game will be easy to play. It has the same system as the previously mentioned game, but with a brand new fresh system with many fully developed characters.

You interact with the girls in order to increase the Love Meter which will allow you to record them and also ask to perform certain poses which are the main points of the game.

Even after you’ve cleared the game there are “Free Recording Sessions” where you can record the game doing certain actions such as dancing and push ups!

Ashida (8):
First you choose your location and what girl you want to communicate with, that’s the basics of a love simulator. However, this game does it a lot different; for example, all characters have very detailed 3D Models with a variety of facial expressions and movements which add more cuteness to each and every character.

Recording sessions have a time limit which I understand completely, however, there are times that I get caught up in a daydream whilst becoming fascinated recording the girls. Using the Gyro feature of the Vita is a great feature and I’m glad they added it in as it also adds more realism to the game… it’s like you’re holding the camera itself!

Honma (7):
The point of the game is to win the heart of a girl as you communicate and then record her in various situations/poses.

There are countless poses in which you can ask the girls to perform as well as in a lot of areas which are highly different from each other which is exciting.

I find that the girls all look very similar and the bodies seem very unbalanced compared to the old 2D way of Love simulators. One of the better small points comes from the “Girl Calling system”; if the girl you’re trying to impress is not in that area, you can call her to come meet you which can be very handy.

Uchizawa (8):
The game has a lot of gimmicks such as the “Bound-Up Chat Events” which keep you from getting tired of the game even after you’ve played for hours upon hours. Using the PS Vita as the camera itself is a stroke of genius, although on the flipside, the range of your recordings are limited and there really isn’t that many poses that the girls can pull off amongst a lack of distinguishing features in photo mode.

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