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Fate/Grand Pre-Order! Don't Have to Roll the Gacha to Summon These Heroic Spirits!

It seems a new Holy Grail War is about to start and several servants have already started appearing! Several big name Japanese Toy manufacturers have a bunch of great figures lined up for for the Fate series covering a range of characters so there's surely something for everyone! Let's see who will be joining this war!

First up is the Lancer-Class Servant Scathach! This figure of the tall beautiful woman with long purple hair and red eyes has been wonderfully sculpted with a lot of careful details in not just her hair but her bodysuit as well. You can really see the details when looking at the creases of her suits material around her waist and around the buttons of her suit. Her spear is even painted a lovely deep, shiny red. Her figure stands at 240mm (Roughly 9.5") and 285mm if you include her spear (just over 11"). Her figure will be released on August 31st but pre-orders end April 22nd!
Next up is an incredibly cute figure of the Prism Illya series, Chloe Von Einzbern (aka Kuro) in her The Beast Form. Made by the company Broccoli, this figure is amazingly cute!! Chloe's pose and expression just gives off so much energy!! A lot of details are found in the fur portions of her costume and even in her stockings and skirt. Also, her pink hair is tied up with a cute red bow with bells. Her figure stands at 200mm (roughly 7.8"), that's including the cute cat paw base, and will even come with a little figure clearer in the shape of the magical rod Ruby! Her figure releases on September 30th and pre-orders end April 29th! This one is just too cute to pass up!

Fate/Grand Order 1/7 Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Saber/Souji Okita (Re-run) (JPN) sold

Next is a returning Saberface figure with a re-run of Aquamarine's Saber-Class Souji Okita. Also known by the name Sakura Saber, this particular figure of Okita depicts her in her F/GO Stage 3 form, wearing the blue-green and white "Coat of Oaths Noble Phantasm" and black scarf. She also holds her carefully detailed katana named "Kiku-Ichimonji Norimune". Her pose and expression give a very dramatic feel. Her figure stands at 245mm (roughly 9.6"). Her release date is on July 31st but pre-orders will end on May 6th and there's no guarantees that be another re-run of this one.

Nendoroid No. 664 Fate/Grand Order: Shielder/Mash Kyrielite (Re-run) (JPN) sold

Lastly is another returning servant..wait is she a servant?! Actually, she the Demi-Servant Shielder, a human fused with a servant! Her true name Mash Kyrielight will be having her adorable Nendoroid re-issued! She'll come with three faceplates, a standard expression, a valiant combat expression, and an adorably cute smiling expression with a little blush going! She will come with her shield, with is a bit taller than she is, as well as the effects parts for her Virtual Noble Phantasm the 'Lord Chaldeas'.

Nendoroid More: Learning with Manga! Fate/Grand Order Face Swap (Shielder/Mash Kyrielight) (JPN) sold

Also, this time around another piece will also be available for purchase! If you're familiar of the online RPG mobile game Fate/Grand Order then you may have heard of the spin-off manga called "Learning with Manga!", which aims to introduce new players to the mechanics of FGO, and its freaking hilarious! (Seriously!! Read it even if you only got a passing knowledge of the Fate series, or even if you don't!). Another hair and faceplate part will be available for Shielder's Nendoroid, which will allow you to match her appearance in the "Learning in Manga!" manga!! Both the Nendoriod and extra Faceplate will be released on July 31st but pre-orders will end on May 10th!

But wait!! It seems two more Servants are about to show up!! From SEGA's prize figure line will be another pair of Saberface figures! Artoria Pendragon's Archer and Lily forms will be coming out on September 22nd, and while we only have silhouettes to go on right now, given SEGA's track record with their prize figures we'd expects these to pretty good quality figures especially for that price point!
Fate/Grand Order Figure: Artoria Pendragon / Archer (JPN)US$ 19.99 24h
Fate/Grand Order Super Premium Figure: Altria Pendragon (Lily) (JPN) sold

With all these great Servants showing up you're practically spoilt for choice!
So Master? Who will you choose?

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