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Final Fantasy VII Remake Original Soundtrack [Limited Edition]

Audio CD
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  • 8 Disc Edition

track listing

Disc 1
1. The Prelude - Reunion
2. Midgar, City of Mako
3. Bombing Mission
4. Let the Battles Begin! - Ex-SOLDIER
5. Mako Reactor 1
6. Mako Reactor 1 - Battle Edit
7. Scorpion Sentinel
8. Getaway
9. Shinra's Theme
10. Those Chosen by the Planet
11. The Promised Land - Cycle of Souls
12. Chance Meeting in Sector 8
13. Let the Battles Begin! - Break Through
14. A Close Call
15. Shinra Creed
16. Shining Beacon of Civilization
17. Tifa's Theme - Seventh Heaven
18. Noises in the Night
19. Mako Poisoning
20. Main Theme of FFVII - Sector 7 Undercity

Disc 2
1. Avalanche's Theme
2. Scrap Boulevard Cleanup Crew
3. Johnny's Theme
4. Let the Battles Begin! - A Merc's Job
5. On Our Way
6. The Star of Seventh Heaven
7. Lurking in the Darkness - Suspicious Man
8. Just Another Job
9. Lay Down Some Rubber - Let's Ride
10. Midnight Spiral
11. Speed Demon
12. The Red Zone
14. Jessie's Theme
15. Moonlight Thievery
16. A Tower, a Promise
17. S7-6 Annex Diversion
18. Ignition Flame
19. Under Cover of Smoke
20. Main Theme of FFVII - Nightfall in the Undercity
21. ???
22. A New Operation

Disc 3
1. Target: Mako Reactor 5
2. Hurry!
3. Dogged Pursuit
4. Born Survivors - Section C
5. Born Survivors - Section E
6. Crab Warden
7. Undercity Suns
8. Tightrope
9. Maze of Scrap Metal
10. Critical Shot
11. Game Over
12. The Rendezvous Point
13. A Trap Is Sprung
14. The Airbuster
15. Who Are You?
16. The Turks' Theme
17. The Turks: Reno
18. Flowers Blooming in the Church
19. Under the Rotting Pizza
20. Anxiety
21. Aerith's Theme - Home Again
22. Hollow Skies
23. Let the Battles Begin! - The Hideout
24. Whack-a-Box

Disc 4
1. Midnight Rendezvous
2. Collapsed Expressway
3. High Five
4. The Oppressed - Beck's Badasses
5. Due Recompense
6. Wall Market - The Town That Never Sleeps
7. Wall Market - Chocobo Sam
8. Wall Market - Madam M
9. The Most Muscular
10. An Unforgettable Night
11. The Sweetest Honey
12. Luxury Massage
13. Tonight's Corneo Cup
14. Corneo Colosseum
15. Colosseum Death Match
16. Just Desserts
17. Electric Executioners
18. Hell House
19. Victory Fanfare
20. A Certain Gaudiness
21. Let the Battles Begin! -REMAKE-
22. Stand Up
23. Funk with Me
24. Sync or Swim
25. Vibe Valentino
26. Stand Up - Reprise
27. Don of the Slums
28. The Audition
29. Smash 'Em, Rip 'Em

Disc 5
1. Abzu
2. Rough Waters
3. Darkness Ahead
4. Any Last Words?
5. Ascension
6. Train Graveyard
7. Haunted
8. Come On, This Way
9. Ghoul
10. Alone
11. Black Wind
12. Waiting to Be Found
13. Eligor
14. Fight for Survival
15. Come Back to Us
16. Cheap Play
17. Those in Need
18. Slums on Fire
19. Get to Safety!
20. Aerith and Marlene - A Familiar Flower
21. Limited Options
22. The Look on Her Face
23. Rematch atop the Pillar

Disc 6
1. Return to the Planet
2. A Broken World
3. Daughter's Farewell
4. Infinity's End
5. Wild de Chocobo
6. Leslie's Theme
7. The Day Midgar Stood Still
8. Fires of Resistance
9. A Solemn Sunset
10. The Valkyrie
11. The Shinra Building
12. Operation: Save Aerith
13. All Quiet at the Gates
14. Hand over Hand
15. Scarlet's Theme
16. Stewards of the Planet
17. Corporate Archives
18. Cultivating Madness
19. Another Day at Shinra HQ
20. The Turks' Theme - Office
21. Home Away from Home
22. Infiltrating Shinra HQ
23. The Drum
24. Catastrophe
25. Final Experiment

Disc 7
1. Trail of Blood
2. J-E-N-O-V-A - Quickening
3. ???
4. The Arsenal
5. Midgar Expressway
6. Arbiter of Fate - Advent
7. Arbiter of Fate - Rebirth
8. Arbiter of Fate - Singularity
9. I'm Waiting, Cloud
10. One-Winged Angel - Rebirth
11. Seven Seconds till the End
12. Hollow
13. Credits

Disc 8
1. The Prelude (Jukebox Ver.)
2. Hip Hop de Chocobo (Jukebox Ver.)
3. Barret's Theme (Jukebox Ver.)
4. Stamp (Japanese Jukebox Ver.)
5. Electric de Chocobo (Jukebox Ver.)
6. Costa del Sol (Jukebox Ver.)
7. Gold Saucer (Jukebox Ver.)
8. Descendant of Shinobi (Jukebox Ver.)
9. Tango of Tears (Jukebox Ver.)
10. Under the Rotting Pizza (Jukebox Ver.)
11. Honeybee Inn (Jukebox Ver.)
12. Don of the Slums (Jukebox Ver.)
13. Farm Boy (Jukebox Ver.)
14. Let the Battles Begin! -REMAKE- (Jukebox Ver.)
15. The Midgar Blues (Japanese Jukebox Ver.)
16. The Oppressed (Jukebox Ver.)
17. Let the Battles Begin! (Jukebox Ver.)
18. Turks' Theme (Jukebox Ver.)
19. Fight On! (Jukebox Ver.)
20. Good Night, Until Tomorrow (Jukebox Ver.)
21. Wutai (Jukebox Ver.)
22. Lurking in the Darkness (Jukebox Ver.)
23. Stamp (Global Jukebox Ver.)
24. The Midgar Blues (Global Jukebox Ver.)


Original soundtrack to "FINAL FANTASY VII REMAKE" scheduled to release in April 2020. Includes best-selected songs on 7 CDs including theme song "Hollow" by Nobuo Uematsu. Limited Edition comes with a bonus track CD.

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Good tracks
This Cd has some good tracks the booklet has nice commentaries that deepen the how and why its produced in acoustic variation in such different way.
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A must own for Final fantasy 7 fans!
The amount of detail and care put into every music is outstanding, there's nothing better than having a piece of physical media to listen and display at the same time. Really happy with this collection!
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For those who still love physical music
Amazing acoustic arrangements they sound soo good, charming and dreamy. I'm happy there's still love for music cd's, owning an album or collection of songs/musics physically feels different than only having them digitally. Really recommended.
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Delicate, beautiful, stunning.
These acoustic arrangements are nothing short of remarkable. The new wrinkles to nostalgic classics are incredibly welcome by this fan who has enjoyed Uematsu's original compositions from the beginning. Artist's attached to FFVII:R have lent their talents to breathing new, endearing life into some of the most iconic tracks from FFVII. "Prelude" and "Expressway" medleys are particularly striking, nailing me right in the feels every time. Aside from owning the FFVII:R OST outrightly, this is probably my favorite supplemental CD from the bunch -- Remake Plus, Orchestral, Shina comp. I don't include the Jazz album in this category because it's technically from/for OG FFVII. But that's definitely one of the greatest music records I've ever had the pleasure of owning if you're considering that too... But from the FFVII:R camp, Acoustics is downright amazing and I can't say enough great things about it. The audio quality is pristine, the mix is incredibly 3D and hi-fi. A must-own in physical format. If/when it comes to digital, you won't get that same breath-taking fidelity...
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Love it!!!
Best FF sound track I'd say given the arrangement and surprises with re-arrange and remixes!
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