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Fire breathers: Revoltech Monster Hunter : Rioreus, Monster Hunter Furifuri Mascot Rioreia, Liolaeus, Type-Moon 10th Anniversary Kyunkara Saber, FF 25th Anniversary Mug Cup & more!

The emperor of the skies is flying in. Rioreus the red dragon reached Revoltech. Collectors who want a moving, fire breathing dragon in their display shelf, here is your chance.

The figure makers crafted every scale, talon and fang to the most realistic degree, and installed numerous joints into his skeleton, so the dragon can flap its wings and strike terror into the hunters.

The wings are made with softer materials that resembles dragon hide. Bend the tail so that Rioreus can sting the hunters that venture into his lair. Put the fire ball effect piece to his mouth and place the miniature hunter at its feet to re-create the hunting scenes.

Rioreus makes the summer even hotter:

Revoltech Series No.121 - Monster Hunter: LiolaeusJPN N/A

He is absolutely fearsome when he is in proportion, but when Rioreia becomes chibi-fied, he is almost as cute as the Airus. His sharp claws becomes rounded and his feet becomes chubby. Be sure to give Rioreia a swing to see his head bobbing on your figure. Add a bit of flame today to your ensemble.

Blue scaled and red eyed, the Liolaeus subspecies is the king of the skies. Folding his wings forward, he looks like he is about to breath fire on the hapless hunters under him. However, just one look at his proportions and you'll know that his main power doesn't lie with his flames, his lethal power lies in his cuteness.

Sometimes, even fire breathing dragons aren't that scary:

Capcom Monster Hunter Furifuri Mascot Key Chain: Rioreia SubspeciesJPN N/Asold
Capcom Monster Hunter Furifuri Mascot Key Chain: Liolaeus SubspeciesJPN N/Asold

Live the hardened life of the hunters, drink from these stainless steel cups:

Monster Hunter 3G Stainless Mug Cup (Red)JPN N/Asold
Monster Hunter 3G Stainless Mug Cup (Black)JPN N/Asold

Type Moon is celebrating their 10th anniversary this year. And Saber is going to congratulate her creators with a bouquet of flowers. The developers at Kyunkara allow collectors to pose her to their liking. Spread her arms wide to get a clearer view of the dress and change her arm parts so she can hold her bouquet.

Saber is still the King of Knights even after she sheds her armour for this frilly dress. He scowl gives her a valiant expression, and couple this with her signature pose. Slip the excalibur into the mound of rocks to display her leaning on her sword. Change her arm part so she can hold her sword and ready herself for the battles.

Celebrate Type Moon's 10th Anniversary with Kyunkara Saber:

Type-Moon 10th Anniversary ~ Saber~ Congratulation SetJPN N/Asold
Type-Moon 10th Anniversary ~ Saber~ King of Knight SetJPN N/Asold

Drink to Final Fantasy's 25th anniversary. Parties are being thrown and the Chocobo is busier than anybody. He poses for the ceramic artists and painters with the crystal. Both the bird and the stone are iconic items that builds the foundation for the success of the franchise.

The simple design makes this mug an elegant and practical addition to any collection. Tell the world that you are one of the tasteful gamers, just flash it during company meetings or family gatherings. The white and the blue form a magical and fashionable combination as it brings coolness in the summer and warmth in the winter.

Everybody needs a good mug:

Final Fantasy 25th Anniversary Mug CupJPN N/Asold

Also available today:

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