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Fly your mech across the galaxy in Macross Ace Frontier, tour Japan on a train in Tetsudou Musume, find out the culprit behind crimes in the Infinite Plus series, dance to Koda Kumi's Taboo, listen to Infinite Undiscovery OST & more!

Participate in the dogfight that crosses the boundaries of time. More than 40 mechas and 30 pilots are showing up in this galactic airborne action.

Missions are categorized by the series they appear in, travel through time with your mech and complete these tasks.

These missions include battling alien army regiments, overpowering troupes of rampaging soldiers and shoot down strange organisms that fall from the sky, etc. All of these missions support cooperative play modes, so combine forces with a friend when enemies swarm in on you.

Utilizing the graphical capabilities of the console, the backgrounds of the fights are rendered to the most realistic degree. Protect the world with all your might as it's a shame to see such beautiful scenes swallowed by seas of fire.

Admire the mechas you get in the mecha gallery, glean useful information from the introductory passages and decide which one is best for what kinds of missions.

Participate in the ultimate dogfight in Macross Ace Frontier on your Sony PSP™. The ticket to this exciting event is sold for US$ 48.90 only.

For other products under the Macross franchise, please see here.

This is an adventure game inspired by the popular figure series Tetsudou Musume. As a cameramen of a traveling magazine, you are entrusted with the assignment of discovering and revealing the charms of the ladies working in the railway industry.

Get to know them through conversing with them and the more they favor you, the better the poses and pictures you can take of them.

Each of the ladies you meet on your journey has their story or troubles, some of them may be struggling with a railroad company that is loosing money, another may be forced to quit their jobs after their marriages. Solve their problems by your camera and gain their favor in the process.

Tetsudou Musume is available as Limited and Standard Editions for your Nintendo DS™ and are available for US$ 74.90 and US$ 48.90 only.

The Limited Edition comes with a figure of Sotogawa Tsukushi, a special audio CD and a booklet.

Produced by Cyber Front with its scenarios written by Utsukoshi Koutaro, a writer who has worked for famous adventure games such as Memories Off, the Infinity series enjoys immense popularity.

Part dating simulation and part adventure, the games features an air of suspense that forces you to rack your brains to work a way out of your pressing situations that include time leaps and messed up dimensions.

Play through the whole series in one go on your PlayStation2™, Infinity Plus carries all four games: Never 7, Ever 17, Rember 11 and Riven 12 for the price of US$ 95.00 only.

As a limited edition, the package carries the Infinity Plus Booklet that includes an interview between Nakazawa Kou and Utsukoshi Koutarou and explanation on the plot of the games.

After the release of the heartfelt love ballad Moon, Koda Kumi, the new queen of the Jpop industry is back with what she is known for and what she does best, a strong beat R&B dance number, Taboo.

Carried by her strong, deep, but vibrant voice, Koda Kumi brings out the sensuality of the song. The powerful beat of the number carries the force that makes you want to dance to it. This is a perfect piece to play at a party.

Koda Kumi's newest release, Taboo is available as CD+DVD Limited and Standard Editions, priced at US$ 17.90 and US$ 9.90 only.

The DVD that comes with the Limited Edition carries video clips of the singer's dance performances and photo slide shows. Learn a few moves and get some fashion tips from the trend setter.

Infinite Undiscovery, an epic RPG created by Square Enix, the fame developers of the renowned Final Fantasy series, has attracted attention from gamers throughout the world and is ranked top place in the Weekly Famitsu multiple times even before the game is out.

To portray the grandness of such an epic, the developers paired up with Sakuraba Motoi, the composer of music for Valkyrie Profile and the Tales of Series. The generous use of orchestral and vocals brings out the foreboding feeling, gentler sentiments and excitement of battles.

All pieces composed for the game are included in the album, Infinite Undiscovery the Soundtrack is available for US$ 28.90 only.

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