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Footballers Dinosaurs and toys - Madden NFL 10, Fossil Fighters, Dragon Ball Capsule Toys, Shounen Jump Key Chains, Gundam Blade, Mario Kart Sound Drop

From the publisher: Experience first-hand what it’s like to Fight for Every Yard in Madden NFL 10. With the all-new Pro-Tak™ animation technology, players have more control over the outcome of each play.

Whether driving a receiver towards the first down, or battling for a fumble at the bottom of a pile, the play won’t end until the whistle blows.

Add to that the most immersive broadcast presentation and online innovation to date, and Madden NFL 10 captures the authenticity and emotion of the NFL like never before.

Distance doesn't matter any more, gather your friends together through the Network and start playing. Recruit valuable players, manage your team and pit it against others.

The newest installment in the Madden NFL franchise is available on:

Madden NFL 10ASIA N/A sold
Madden NFL 10US US$ 59.90 5-15d

Madden NFL 10ASIA N/A sold
Madden NFL 10US N/A sold

Nintendo™ Wii
Madden NFL 10US US$ 39.99 1-2w

Madden NFL 10US US$ 20.99 1-2w

Sony PSP™
Madden NFL 10ASIA N/A sold
Madden NFL 10US US$ 15.99 1-2w

Game Guides and Books
Madden NFL 10 Prima Official GuideUS US$ 24.90 5-15d

From the publisher: Fossil Fighters™ blends the timeless human fascination with dinosaurs with the fun of building a collection. The game lets players build a collection of more than 100 fantastical dinosaurs known as “vivosaurs.”

This new game incorporates elements of discovery, tactics and strategy as players try to get the best vivosaurs on their teams to battle it out on the field.

Dig up your dinosaurs and have them send your opponents back to their graves. Fossil Fighters is available on Nintendo DS for:

Fossil FightersUS US$ 32.99 1-2w

BanPresto have given Capsule toys a new meaning. Instead of a tiny thing hidden in a ball in the machine, their new line of capsule toys comes in a capsule that looks more like a bottle.

What lay inside the bottle are a set of evil minions and depending on your luck, you might get a hero such as Goku or a bigger evil such as Freeza.

Recreate the battle scenes, with more figures to play with, you can surely let your imagination run wild. The capsules are shipped randomly and are available for:

Dragon Ball Z Hoiboy Challenge 2 GashaponJPN N/A sold

40th Anniversary is a very good reason to celebrate. The extremely popular Manga magazine Shounen Jump continues their party, this time not only with Dragon Ball and One Piece characters, but with all the iconic heroes in the anime/manga world.

Ichigo in Bleach, Gon in Hunter x Hunter and Tsubasa in Captain Tsubasa are just a few boys to attend, slightly older heroes such as Kenshin in Ruroni Kenshin are showing up as well.

The key chains strings the mascot together with a tiny, toy Shounen Jump Book, look at the heroic postures of these boys on the cover. The mascot key chains are available for:

Jump All Stars ! Mascot With Jump Key Chain Candy ToyJPN N/A sold

Those who have watched Gundam 00 should by now be familiar with Setsuna's pet phrase "I am Gundam". Yes, you can truely become Gundam this time.

Released by Bandai, the light saber is a minimized replication of the weapon used by the mobile suits. Switch on the light and swing it to hear the voices of your favourite characters in battle.

Feed your inner Setsuna, hold the blade in your hand.

Drop your sword and pick up a 3D battle scene. Not only are these trading figures showing all the details and weapons of the Mobile Suits, the trading figures show these mechas in the heat of action. See how they bring down the opponents and the destruction that goes on around them?

The blade and the trading figures are available for:

Gundam 1/12 Scale Air Shock Battle Beam SaberJPN N/A sold
Gundam Robust Silhouette Collection Vol.0 Trading FigureJPN N/A sold

More from Mario Kart for you, after the series of candy toys, miniature karts and plushes, here are the sound drops key chains. Small and cute, these add a subtle touch to your overall get-up.

Transform your world into the colorful Mario kart game and hear the different sound effects in the game. From cheery red to soft pink, this set of key chains will go well with your wardrobe.

Get a colorful sound drop today:

Mario Kart Wii Sound Drops GashaponJPN N/A sold


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