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Foreign lands and exotic roses: Ys Seven, Petit Jeuness: Girl in Pink, Natsume Yujincho Diorama figure, Niitengo To Aru Majutsu no Index, Deformania K-ON! & more!

Starting his adventurer career at the age of seventeen, having gone to the ancient floating city of Ys and solved countless mysteries in various dangerous, exotic places, Adol Christin has become a legend.

His fiery red hair, determined, innocent eyes and his passion for adventures are deeply imprinted into the gamers' hearts.

At the age of 23, 6 years after his adventures in Ys, Adol and his partner Dogi finally had a chance to venture into the Altago, a land he longed to visit. With large beasts roaming, historic ruins, extinct ancient races and the mysterious five great dragons, this is another action RPG that gamers cannot afford to miss.

Ys Seven is available to English speaking Sony PSP™ gamers:

Ys SevenUS N/Asold

The girl in pink is the cover lady of the famous illustrator Suzuhira Hiro's newest art book - Chronicle. Her semi-opaque colors and the complicated lines are the signature styles of the artist. The dark red of her eyes exudes an air of mystery while the pale, almost white hue of her clothes looks voluminous and soft.

Miyagawa Takeshi crafted everything to perfection and remained loyal to the original picture of the girl. The petals on the pink rose and the frills on the skirt looks delicate and fragile.

As a bonus item, Suzuhira has drawn this same girl in a different colored dress, compare this figure with the picture to spot all the details.

Petit Jeuness - Girl in Pink is available today:

Petit Jeuness Suzuhira Hiro x Takeshi Miyagawa Collaboration 1/6 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: PinkJPN N/Asold

Gentle and nostalgic, Natsume Yujincho provides a unique perspective to the Japanese supernatural world. Natsume, and his bodyguard Nyanko sensei are here to return "names" to the monsters from the powerful yujincho and form a special bond with them.

The soft, subtle colors portray the Japanese countryside perfectly. The half smile on Natsume's face is somewhat Mona Lisa. Look at him in different angles, and his expression differs slightly. The grass are made with clear parts, shine a light on it to see them glow emerald.

This delicately carved figure is the work of Moriwaki Naoto and Mirano of Alter:

Natsume Yujincho Altair: Natsume Takashi (Re-run)JPN N/Asold

No matter how powerful a character is, once they have been chibi-fied, they are cute, sweet and funny. The Niitengo - To Aru Majutsu no Index series brings you the most powerful magicians and espers from the anime series.

The essence of their characters are captured in their expressions, their costumes and weapons are crafted to the last detail.

Try your luck and see if you can get the special version:

Toys Works Collection 2.5 - To Aru Majutsu no Index Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Trading FigureJPN N/Asold

Attend the K-ON! Chibi Concert! Deformania has branched out to the K-ON! series. This first volume contains the core members Yui, Mio, Ritsu and Mugi. Each of the characters carry their instruments and their signature expressions.

Yui smiles with cotton candy sweetness, Mio is cool while Ritsu's crazy excitement is contagious and Mugi smiles with her usual serene gentleness. Prop these figures up on the special stand and put them with your K-ON! collection.

K-ON! Deformania Collection Pocket Pre-Painted Figure Vol.1: Hirasawa YuiJPN N/Asold
K-ON! Deformania Collection Pocket Pre-Painted PVC Figure Vol.1: Akiyama MioJPN N/Asold
K-ON! Deformania Collection Pocket Pre-Painted PVC Figure Vol.1: Kotobuki TsumugiJPN N/Asold
K-ON! Deformania Collection Pocket Pre-Painted PVC Figure Vol.1: Tainaka RitsuJPN N/Asold

Also available today:

Nintendo™ Wii
Gold's Gym Dance WorkoutUS N/Asold

Sony PSP™
Madden NFL 11ASIA US$ 42.901w

New Toy Arrivals:
Excellent Model Kinnikuman Lady Series 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Kinnikuman LadyJPN N/Asold
Excellent Model Macross Frontier 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Sheryl Nome (Last Frontier Version)JPN N/Asold
Excellent Model One Piece Neo DX Portraits of Pirates 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted Figure: Sanji (Strong Edition)JPN N/Asold
K-ON! Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure Vol.2: Akiyama Mio PV Costume Ver.JPN N/Asold
K-ON! Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure Vol.2: Kotobuki Tsumugi PV Costume Ver.JPN N/Asold
Sengoku Basara 2 Non Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Date Masamune (Re-run)JPN N/Asold
Shining Wind 1/8 Scale Pre-Painted PVC Figure: Clalaclan (Philias Armour Version)JPN N/Asold


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