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Fragile - Sayonara Tsuki No Haikyo - Original Soundtrack Plus

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ディスク 1:1. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::すべての人へ 2. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::ひとりぼっち 3. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::幻のように 4. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::きれい 5. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::いやな気配 6. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::害意ある思念 7. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::なんだろう 8. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::ごきげんよう 9. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::へんなの 10. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::待ってよ! 11. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::わかりあえる 12. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::やくそく 13. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::さよなら 14. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::手紙 15. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::すごい! 16. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::排除 17. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::拒絶 18. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::どうして? 19. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::廃墟 20. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::消去 21. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::ともだち 22. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::よかった ディスク 2:1. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::つきのうた 2. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::銀の髪の女の子 3. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::ぼく以外の誰か 4. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::話しかけてくれる 5. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::どうしたのさ 6. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::悪意 7. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::暗闇 8. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::死んだもの 9. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::風に吹かれて 10. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::ありがとう 11. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::信じられるということ 12. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::月といっしょに 13. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::起動 14. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::追跡 15. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::はなればなれ 16. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::深淵 17. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::計画 18. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::邪魔 19. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::そばにいてくれる 20. FRAGILE~さよなら月の廃墟~::おやすみ

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Spectacular music, just missing a few key pieces
I don't think I've been so moved with an OST as much as this one. While it is mostly piano pieces, each music is wonderfully done and it really is a delight to the ears. Only weird thing is that it's missing the main the two main songs that have a lyrical component. I wonder why...
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OST Fragile Dreams
Good OST, melancolic tracks, i listen this CD for quiet time and have a break, it's a very good ost for a good game !
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love this soundtrack
i just received the CD and i really like it just like the game.
like said before it does not include the opening and ending but i own the Moonlight Tracks CD that does have them.
the soundtrack is really moody and the music fits the game perfectly
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No Opening and Ending theme
This soundtrack is ok. Biggest problem is that it doesn't have the opening and ending themes on it....
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Moving Soundtrack
A very good soundtrack that's very atmospheric and moving, conveying the loneliness one feels in the game.
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