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Friends will be friends even beyond the end!

Switch – Genre: Retro-style 2D Platform
US$9.99 – JP¥1099

Ikk, Sally, and Death are friends!
Ikk is a boy who can exchange his head, Sally is a huge landbound whale, and well…Death is Death, the good, old ruler of the afterlife’s world.

One day, Sally passed away, and Ikk started to feel very lonely without his cetacean friend, so like a modern Orpheus, he has begun a voyage through the Underworld only to see her smile for the last time. Deeply touched by his sorrow and grief, Death decided to help him providing a multitude of weapons, and abilities to battle against the thousands of nasty creatures that don’t want to see you victorious. 

GoNNER is the new indie 2D platform game for Switch, its procedurally generated levels are will provide you an endless challenge with ever new paths to take, and secrets to discover. Be smart, and use your head…literally! During his perilious voyage, Ikk can change his head, each one will give him special attributes, and abilities! You can find new ones exploring the levels (be aware to look everywhere) or in the shops. For example, the cuddly and adorable Teddy Bear’s Head will let you perform a triple jump, the mechanical Gun Head will fire a large amount of bullets, while the mysterious ??? Head…is a surprise! Find the best combination of head, weapon, and item to pass every obstacle without (too much) effort!

Every world has its secrets, and obviously the Underworld makes no exception. Go deep to find secret areas full of precious, useful items that will provide you a real help. With its aesthetically beautiful art-style, multiple endings, and very good music, GoNNER is one of the most interesting Nindies for Switch.

If you’re looking for a real hard challenge (yes, you’ll die a lot here) that can teach you true value of friendship, get it now!

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