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From the creators of Left4Dead comes EVOLVE, a title that makes having a next generation console all the sweeter!


Turtle Rock Studios / 2K Games

PlayStation®4 XboxONEPC [Asymmetric Multiplayer]

Evolve is a brand new IP from Turtle Rock Studios (CS: Condition Zero, Left4Dead) and a coop Sci-Fi shooter from the creators of L4D just had to be played by our Play-Asia.com team! The promotional hashtag '#4v1' gives you a vague idea of what to expect right away in terms of multiplayer. Very obviously built around cooperative play, the early build Play-Asia.com played ran with next to no glitches - giving us an idea of the overall in-game mechanics for both the hunters and monsters. 

Evolve's combat and cooperative play immediately evokes thoughts of Turtle Rock's Left4Dead but the asymmetrical multiplayer along with the atmosphere the game evokes seperates the two titles. When your opponent is an unpredictable player, and on some serious steroids, you are forced to cooperate and rely on your teammates in a meaningful way. Going full 'Leeroy' never seemed like a smart option.


The different hunters (Medic, Assault, Trapper, Support) are not dissimilar to your average class system, but each role has their own unique abilities, playstyle, and 'flavour'. When playing each role we always felt useful and part of a team.  It was almost immediately apparent teams with high levels of communication would be able to down monsters controlled by less experienced players with relative ease - but a good player behind Goliath was just as dangerous.

The Assault class fits pretty well into the standard FPS mold but what we really got excited about was the Support and Medic who could both do decent damage and make clutch plays in the form of slows/CC. The Trapper took the longest to get used to playing, the role is definitely the backbone of the group - setting up Sound Spikes that alert the group to the monster-player's location and essentially leading the group and forcing the monster player to fight.


We were able to play as Goliath, the epitome of big and bad, a King Kong-esque monstrosity. The monster gameplay is what we were all looking forward to and it did not disappoint in the slightest. Goliath is controlled in third person and his attacks, although taking some time to get used to, were intuitive and fluid. The best strategy seemed to be lurking in the shadows, slowing killing and eating the sorrounding wildlife, which provides you with new abilities and upgrades. Don't be misled though, the game is not a pretty version of hide and seek; skirmishes can, and almost definitely will, arise causing the player to make the crucial decision between the primal "fight or flight". 

Playing as the monster can definitely make you feel like the odds are against you, but we think it being the most innovative role also means it will take the most time to fully understand and play correctly. Being tracked in a reactive environment will be a curveball for a lot of players - disrupting the wildlife and leaving footprints behind are just a few ways the evironment works against you. 

Keep in mind a lot is subject to change when discussing a single map of a WIP title but for such an early build, the balance showed remarkable promise. Every role has a responsibility, a part in the team, and the tools provided are fun to use. We can only speak for Goliath, Turtle Rock have kept the rest of the monster under wraps, but playing as the monster was incredibly fulfilling - and unlocking new abilities via evolution was an effective way of making the player feel stronger as the game progressed. 

We played on a PC, with both controllers as well as mouse and keyboard and had no technical issues at all. Our only regret is not being able to play more of Goliath! Evolve has amazing potential, no matter what platform you play it on!

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