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Front Mission Evolved, FIFA Soccer 11, A.C.E.: Another Century's Episode R, Mafia II & more! - in New Games available for Preorder!!

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Front Mission Evolved takes place in a futuristic world where you do war with massive cannons and bipedal mechas. Play as Dylan Ramsey, an engineer who gets swept up into complicated political ploys and dangerous missions.

As an engineer, you get to play with the units. Win components and weapons during the war and upgrade the mecha's speed or fire power. This third person shooter is so realistic that you can feel the heat and the flames of the explosion.

After conquering the game in single-player mode, log on-line to face some real veteran pilots. Highly challenging and more than exciting, Front Mission Evolved is coming in September:

Front Mission EvolvedJPN US$ 11.99
Front Mission Evolved (English language Version)ASIA US$ 7.99
Front Mission EvolvedUS US$ 34.99

Front Mission EvolvedJPN US$ 18.99
Front Mission EvolvedUS US$ 21.99

Front Mission Evolved (DVD-ROM)US N/A

Game Guide
Front Mission Evolved: Signature Series GuideUS US$ 19.90

FIFA Soccer 11 is revealed as the most ambitious soccer project by EA Sports up to date. There will be more realistic actions such as 360 degree passes. Player's fatigue and the energy they use for every move is calculated, use your players strengths wisely during your games.

Whatever challenge you might face in the pit, you'd face it in FIFA 2011. Stop the attacker from shooting, make space for your teammate's passes and utilize your winning strategies.

These are just some of the new upgrades, more information on the game will be made available soon. FIFA 2011 will come this October, so you can prolong the soccer craze:

FIFA Soccer 11US US$ 22.99

FIFA Soccer 11US US$ 24.99

Nintendo™ Wii
FIFA Soccer 11US N/A

FIFA Soccer 11US US$ 44.90

Nintendo DS™
FIFA Soccer 11US N/A

Sony PSP™
FIFA Soccer 11US US$ 44.90

Cut through the boundaries that separates your favourite robot anime titles. Another Century's Episode R gathers all the mechas together and puts them into war with one another. Fully scaled and modeled to the last detail, the Mobile Suits, Arm Slaves, Knightmares and Valkyries are all here, ready for you to pilot.

Featuring fast pace and relentless action, this game tests your knowledge of your favourite anime, if you know the mechas' features, you'd have that extra edge over your enemies. Relive the battles you've seen or TV, or do war in brand new battle fields, this game is a dream come true for all mecha fans.

The mega mecha crossover will arrive in August. Preorder the PlayStation3™ copy today:

A.C.E.: Another Century's Episode RJPN US$ 29.99

Vito is a small time criminal who wants to make it big in the U.S. After all, America is the land of freedom, where dreams could come true. However, things were never that simple, especially for a son of an immigrant worker with no means but his bare hands.

Just when he was at his wit's end, he gets wrapped up in a mafia ploy and in this chaos, he gets his one big chance to achieve the fortune he could only dream of.

Become Vito, pick up the gun and prove your loyalty to your boss. Mafia II will come this August:

Mafia IIUS N/A

Mafia IIUS N/A

Mafia II Signature Series Strategy GuideUS N/A

Game Guide
Mafia II Signature Series Strategy GuideUS N/A

The sequel to StarCraft, Wings of Liberty will feature a massive war over the galaxy between the Protoss, Terran, and Zerg. High quality and realistic graphics will bring the front lines to your home and the real-time gameplay will call out the strategist in you.

In the single player mode, you carry on where StarCraft left off, this game will brings a new cast of heroes to the spotlight. And after completing the single campaign, log on to Blizzard.net to challenge other veteran tacticians on the web.

Wings of Liberty will come in July to all PC gamers, preorder your copy today:

StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty (DVD-ROM)US N/A
StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty [Collector's Edition] (DVD-ROM)US N/A

Xbox360™ Pre-Orders (5)

Assassin's Creed II: Special Edition (Platinum Collection)JPNAug 05, 2010US$ 14.99
Mafia II [Collector's Edition]USAug 27, 2010N/A
Front Mission EvolvedJPNSep 16, 2010US$ 11.99
Fallout: New Vegas (Collector's Edition)USOct 19, 2010N/A
FIFA Soccer 11USSep 28, 2010US$ 22.99


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PlayStation3™ Pre-Orders (11)

Super Bike World Championships SBKUSJun 17, 2010N/A
Toro Anniversary Collection (PlayStation3 the Best)ASIAJun 29, 2010N/A
ModNation RacersJPNJul 29, 2010US$ 64.90
Naruto Narutimate Storm (PlayStation3 the Best)ASIAJul 15, 2010N/A
Assassin's Creed II: Special EditionJPNAug 05, 2010N/A
A.C.E.: Another Century's Episode RJPNAug 19, 2010US$ 29.99
Agarest Senki Zero (Compile Heart Selection)JPNAug 26, 2010N/A
Mafia II [Collector's Edition]USAug 27, 2010N/A
Front Mission EvolvedJPNSep 16, 2010US$ 18.99
Fallout: New Vegas (Collector's Edition)USOct 19, 2010N/A
FIFA Soccer 11USSep 28, 2010US$ 24.99


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Nintendo Wii™ Pre-Orders (9)

Calvin Tucker's Redneck: Farm Animal Racing TournamentUSJul 13, 2010US$ 24.90
Mesaze! Tsuri Master: Sekai ni Challenge! Hen (Hudson the Best)JPNJul 29, 2010US$ 34.90
Sengoku Basara 3 [Classic Black Controller Pro Pack]JPNJul 29, 2010N/A
Sengoku Basara 3 [Classic White Controller Pro Pack]JPNJul 29, 2010N/A
Sing It: Family HitsUSAug 04, 2010N/A
Gunblade NY and LA Machineguns Arcade Hits PackUSAug 30, 2010N/A
FIFA Soccer 11USOct 04, 2010N/A
Sonic ColorsUSNov 16, 2010N/A
Conduit 2USApr 19, 2011N/A


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Playstation2™ Pre-Orders (7)

Nobunaga no Yabou: Kakushin with Power-Up Kit (Koei Tecmo the Best)JPNJul 29, 2010US$ 64.90
Sengoku Musou 2 (PlayStation2 the Best)JPNJul 29, 2010N/A
Sengoku Musou 2 Empires (PlayStation2 the Best)JPNJul 29, 2010US$ 20.90
Persona 3: Fes (PlayStation2 the Best)JPNAug 05, 2010N/A
Persona 4 (PlayStation2 the Best)JPNAug 05, 2010US$ 35.90
Shin Sangoku Musou 4 Empires (PlayStation2 the Best)JPNAug 05, 2010US$ 14.99
FIFA Soccer 11USSep 28, 2010US$ 44.90


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Nintendo DS™ Pre-Orders (18)

Egokoro Kyoushitsu DS <div class="ext ext_"></div>JPNJun 19, 2010US$ 14.99
Dragon Ball: Origins 2USJun 25, 2010US$ 39.99
Samantha Swift and the Hidden Roses of AthenaUSJul 20, 2010US$ 38.99
Odoru Daisousasen The Game: Sensuikan ni Sennyuu Seyo!JPNJul 15, 2010US$ 14.99
Sekaiju no Meikyuu / Etrian Odyssey (Atlus Best Collection)JPNJul 15, 2010N/A
Sekaiju no Meikyuu 2: Shoou no Seihai (Atlus Best Collection)JPNJul 15, 2010N/A
Chibi Maruko-Chan DS: Maru-Chan no Machi (Welcome Price 2800)JPNJul 22, 2010N/A
Katekyoo Hitman Reborn! DS Flame Rumble XX - Kessen! Shin 6 Chouka <div class="ext ext_"></div>JPNJul 22, 2010N/A
Kamen Rider Battle: Ganbaride Card Battle TaisenJPNJul 29, 2010US$ 29.99
Let's! Mangaka DS StyleJPNJul 29, 2010US$ 51.90
Battle Spirits: Digital StarterJPNAug 05, 2010N/A
Heart Catch PreCure! Oshare CollectionJPNAug 05, 2010US$ 40.99
Mame Goma 3: Kawaii ga IppaiJPNAug 05, 2010US$ 59.99
Lilpri DS: Hime-Chen! Apple PinkJPNAug 19, 2010US$ 33.90
Minna de Taikan Dokusho DS: Cho-Kowai! Gakkou no KaidanJPNAug 19, 2010US$ 12.99
FIFA Soccer 11USSep 30, 2010N/A
Final Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of LightUSOct 08, 2010US$ 39.99
Sonic ColorsUSNov 16, 2010N/A


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Sony PSP™ Pre-Orders (10)

DJ Max Portable Hot TunesKORJun 14, 2010N/A
DJ Max Portable Hot Tunes [Limited Edition]KORJun 14, 2010N/A
LittleBigPlanet Portable (PSP the Best)ASIAJun 29, 2010N/A
Idol Janshi Suchi-Pai IV PortableJPNAug 12, 2010US$ 40.99
Idol Janshi Suchi-Pai IV Portable [Limited Edition]JPNAug 12, 2010N/A
Kazoku KeikakuJPNAug 12, 2010N/A
Kazoku Keikaku [Limited Edition]JPNAug 12, 2010N/A
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by SleepUSSep 07, 2010US$ 25.99
Phantasy Star Portable 2USSep 20, 2010N/A
FIFA Soccer 11USOct 02, 2010US$ 44.90


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PC Games Preorder (1)

Split/Second (DVD-ROM)ASIAJun 03, 2010US$ 34.90


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