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  • Runs Directly in Flight Simulator: FSDiscover! runs as a module directly in Flight Simulator. This allows you to use it with the minimum interruption of your flying. You can access FSDiscover! from the FS main menu, or by using hot keys that you can freely define.
  • Hundreds of Points of Interest: Included are 1900 points of interest for FSX and 600 points of interest for FS2004. They include all "Easter eggs" within the simulator and unique landmark buildings that are actually present in the default scenery in many locations all over the globe.
  • Millions of Geographic Names: Included are files with a total of 3.6 million names of many geographic features all over the world.
  • Map Display: The world map displays airports, points of interest, and geographic names.
  • Labels in the 3-D View: FSDiscover! can display labels identifying nearby airports, points of interest, and geographic features directly in the Flight Simulator 3D view.
  • Autopilot Control: After taking off and climbing to the desired altitude, you can let FSDiscover! set the autopilot heading to follow the flight plan.
  • Create your own Points Of Interest (POI): FSDiscover! includes an easy-to-use POI editor. After enabling the editor, you can simply slew to desired locations and type the names of your points of interest to add directly in the 3D view.
  • Share Your Experience: You can upload files with points of interest and scenic flight plans you created on the Internet to share them with other FSDiscover! users, and you can use downloaded POI files and flight plans created by others.


FSDiscover! is a Flight Simulator sightseeing guide, a navigation tool, and a simple flight planner, all in one single product for Flight Simulator X and Flight Simulator 2004. FSDiscover! is preloaded with over 3.6 million geographic names from all over the world. There are also 1900 specialized points of interest for FSX, and 600 specialized points of interest for FS2004, including all the "Easter eggs" and unique landmark buildings within these simulators.Some of the geographic features that will be identified include: Mountains, Streams, Valleys, Beaches, Rapids, Parks, Lakes, Islands, Harbors, Glaciers, Forests, Waterfalls, Canals, Bridges, Dams, and much more!FSDiscover! offers an easy-to-use map where you can see airports, points of interest, geographic features, and your custom FSDiscover! flight plan. All this information can be displayed in your 3D Flight Simulator world. Labels along the terrain describe each geographic or specialized feature, and special visual flight path markings follow the terrain along your programmed flight plan. The flight planning features allow you to plan simple to elaborate sightseeing excursions all in a simple point and click interface inside Flight Simulator. You can either follow them yourself, or let FSDiscover! use your autopilot to help guide your plane to your destinations.

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