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G2 Fighter
G2 Fighter
G2 Fighter
G2 Fighter
G2 Fighter
G2 Fighter
G2 Fighter


  • Chapter Three active, construction mode first stage basic functions and preview on world map
  • Chapter Three on line, construction mode second stage gather resources
  • Chapter Four on line, fight system optimization
  • Chapter Five on line, complete the story, legion combat system
  • Some other dungeons and interesting gameplay will be added in Chapter Four for example fishing, cooking and driving
  • We will keep on transplanting of console & NS version, plan to release in the middle of next year


G2 FIGHTER is a Top-Down view shooter ARPG with Low Polystyle. We created a grand world and have built various cities and scenes in it. Players are able to immerse themselves here and free to fight, drive, and execute all kinds of missions. There will be the main storyline that leads us to go into this world of chaos, find the truth behind the darkness.

We are very sorry that due to new content added to G2 Fighter, the game structure has been changed which will result in players' data being erased. We will compensate for players whose data has been changed and the notice will be announced later.

G2 Fighter has a fast-paced combat style, you can equip with 3 different kinds of firearms, 1 melee, and 1 grenade. Powerful weapons will enable you to fight a bloody path from countless enemies. You can’t stop playing with this amazing experience in challenging!

Equipment in G2 drops randomly, they are of different qualities and ranks which can be strengthened by forging and inlaying. Randomness makes equipment unique and you should always choose to gear those that match your combat style. Epic gear will also be your ultimate goal!

Besides the main storyline, there are lots of side quests for you to choose from. Different decisions on quests will result in different plots. Dungeons will be active in the latter stage of the game, you can enjoy yourselves in endless war.

A real-time system will not only determine the light and shade but also influence event triggers. The open-plan world map allows you to drive as you wish. As the story goes by, more forces will appear on the horizon. Their destiny will also walk to different destinations.

We invited Doug Cockle and a dozen superior dubbers to OMUK studio to dub for G2 FIGHTER. Dubbing shapes the images of characters makes the story more vivid and leaves you feelingexhilarated.

Multiplayer mode is now available in G2. Cooperate with your friends, cover, charge, and fire support! Assemble your team to defeat stronger enemies or make a joke about your close friends. We are sure this mode will bring you a brilliant game experience.

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