14. Apr, 2003 00:12 (HKT)

Game Cube™ import preorders for Viewtiful Joe and F-Zero GC now open

Preorders for two highly antipicated upcoming Japanese titles for the Game Cube™ are now open:

Viewtiful Joe is a cel-shaded side scrolling action game in which you play as a super-hero Joe and battle in the modern city side. The characters are all super-deformed. The game features a SLOW button, which creates the slow motion and zoom-in effects in sci-fi movie. Viewtiful Joe is directed by Hideki Kamiya - one of the producers of Devil May Cry - and produced by Atsushi Inaba.

If you like to see Viewtiful Joe in action, check out this cool trailer here. Another even longer trailer can also be found on Capcom's latest Game Cube™ release P.N.03.

Viewtiful Joe from Capcom will be released on June 12th, preorders are open for US$ 59.90.

What could be defined as the forefather of today's extreme racing genre, F-Zero combines three main features to make it the awesome game it is; futuristic hover vehicles, extreme speeds, and big-ass jumps. There's no weapons to blow your opponents away, no way to sabotage your opponents, and no way to cheat your way to victory. F-Zero depends on fast reflexes, lots of speed, and plain old skill behind the wheel. The complexity comes from roller coaster-like levels, Shaq-sized jumps, tight corners, turbo boosted speeds, and of course 27 other racers who want you to eat their exhaust fumes. It's all of these aspects thrown into futuristic environments which makes F-Zero one of the best games the genre has to offer.

F-Zero GC features a data transfer mode between the Game Cube home as well as the upcoming Arcade version F-Zero AC.

Preorders for the Japanese import of F-Zero GC are now open. The game will ship on July 25th, roughly one month prior the US release. Preorder yours now at US$ 59.90.

Additionally we have opened up preorders for Sonic Adventure DX, Sega's enhanced port from the Dreamcast. Sonic DX will ship June 19th, a few days after the US release.


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